Adult Religious Education: Building the World We Dream About

diverse worldJoin us in the Sanctuary at 7 PM on Thursday, September 3 for an introduction to the upcoming adult religious education opportunity focusing on racial justice and equity.  Building the World We Dream About is an educational series that will provide the opportunity for our community to engage with the tangled knot of privilege, oppression, and identity within a sacred, covenantal space held by skilled and trusted facilitators.   Classes will be offered on Tuesdays at 10 AM and 7 PM beginning September 15.

You Are Awesome! – August 30, 2015

Led by Justin Czekaj and Rev. Christie Anderson

UntitledThere are an infinite number of random incidents that brought you here today – not just here to church, but into existence. For starters, approximately 4.5 billion years ago, a rock smashed into our infant planet (a planet, by the way, which is wholly unique in our solar system), creating our moon. This celestial body is essential to our human evolution, helping coax the tetrapods from the sea. Only a few million years ago our eyes began to emerge, evolving 50-100 times ever since, giving us the ability to see that moon. And those eyes might be green, or blue, or brown, depending on your parents, and your parents’ parents. Consider the long line of people who had to come together to create you. Think about the random and unique genetic code that gives you awareness and makes you, YOU! You are random, and wonderful. You are Awesome!

Cuyahoga River Concerts – Upcoming

HalXandXMattPlan ahead:

  • September 19:  Hal Walker / Matt Watroba
  • September 27:  Special “Hey Mavis” concert at the Kent Stage – part of the Capital Campaign Kickoff weekend
  • October 17:  Neil Jacobs

To purchase tickets online: UUCK Online Store

For more information on the concerts and performers: Cuyahoga River Concerts Facebook Page

Please visit our table or contact Cara Constance if you are able to donate food for the hospitality time during intermission.  Our warm, inviting intermissions are a wonderful part of these intimate concerts.​

Mark Your Calendars!!!!

Capital Campaign LogoOur congregation has worked hard to develop the plans to live out our church vision.  The Capital Campaign Team is pleased to announce the launch of our church’s capital campaign to raise over $1,000,000.  Our 3 phase plan is to build an addition with a new social hall, kitchen, and RE rooms, renovate the basement into bigger and better RE space, and renovate the sanctuary.  We take an important step forward the weekend of September 26 – 27.

Saturday Sept. 26, 9am to 1PM: training of canvassers for the campaign.  We are asking anyone who might be willing to be a canvasser to come to the training provided by our consultant Bill Clontz.  After you hear what will be involved, you can let us know if you are willing to be a canvasser.

Sunday September 27: official launch of the campaign during Sunday morning service.  After second service, we will have a campaign launch celebration with a simple catered lunch.  We hope everyone will come be part of the celebration!

Sunday September 27 (7PM):  The band Hey Mavis will hold a fundraising concert for the church at the Kent stage.  The band is donating all concert proceeds to the capital campaign. Please join us in this fun way to support the campaign.  Before the concert, there will be an opportunity for members to meet at the Kent Hotel for drinks and food (special pricing will be offered).

Visualizations of our Proposed Expansion

Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent Members,

We now have visualizations of the site and floor plans for the proposed expansion of our church facilities.  This visualizations will also be available for viewing on Sunday, March 29 at our Congregational Voting Meeting.

The Voting Meeting will be held between services at 10:50 AM in the Sanctuary.  We encourage all active members to come in order to establish quorum and vote on the motion to authorize the Capital Campaign Team of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent to proceed with a capital campaign to fund the expansion and improvement of our facilities.  If you are not able to be present, an absentee ballot can be requested through the Church Office by calling 330.673.4247 or emailing by 4 PM on Friday, March 27.  Absentee ballots must be submitted to Moderator Max Grubb twenty-four hours prior to the vote to ensure that they will be counted.  A simple-majority 51% affirmative vote of the active members present and those who have submitted absentee ballots will be required for this motion to pass.  Absentee ballots do not count towards determining quorum.

Site Plan

Fellowship Hall Floor Plan

Fellowship Hall Main Entrance Visualization

Fellowship Hall Rear Patio Visualization

Fellowship Hall Visualization

Classroom Visualization – Fellowship Hall

Church Sanctuary Floor Plan

Sanctuary – Balcony View

Sanctuary – Floor Level View

Sanctuary – Floor Level Rear View

Church Lower Level Classroom Site Plan



Unitarian Universalist Vision Statement: 

Our vitality and passion call us to restore and expand our space to equal the energy of our dreams.

As we do, we are better equipped to carry on our historic legacy and embrace our potential

for connection, service, programming and outreach.

Northeast Ohio Clergy Release Statement

Standing on the Side of Love logoThe ministers in the North East Ohio portion of our district have released a statement in response to what is happening with Ferguson, Cleveland and New York. The statement is attached.

Download – Clergy Statement (Right-click the link and choose “Save Link As…” to save the document to your computer)
Finish Reading: Northeast Ohio Clergy Release Statement