Lay Leaders


Board of Trustees

Max Grub, Moderator

Dan Flippo, Assistant Moderator

As Assistant Moderator my primary roles are to serve as an active member of the board and prepare to take on the responsibilities of Moderator the next year.  I will also be leading an effort to update our Mission Statement and Strategic Plan.  In addition to serving on the board, I serve as the congregation’s Webmaster and I am the author of the UU2014 WordPress theme used by many UU congregations.

Ann VerWiebe, Board Secretary

Sandy Eaglen, Treasurer

Jack Graham & MaryAnn Stephens, Trustee for Programming

Carol Gould, Trustee for Fellowship

Leah Gillig, Trustee for Buildings & Grounds

Vivien Sandlund, Trustee for Outreach to the Wider World

I serve the congregation as your Trustee for Outreach to the Wider World. I coordinate the outreach and social justice activities of those groups who represent our congregation in the community and in the wider society. I serve as board liaison with the Denominational Affairs Coordinator, the Social Justice Committee and social justice task groups, the Kent Community Time Bank, and others who do outreach work.

I also serve as an RE teacher for the 4th and 5th grade children in our church. I am a proud parent of a 5th grader. I adopted my daughter from Guatemala in 2002.

In my professional life I teach history at Hiram College, and I serve as Director of Graduate Studies at Hiram College. I came to Kent in 1995 from Atlanta, Georgia, where I went to graduate school at Emory University. I was an active member of the First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta, a UU congregation. I am originally from Springfield, Massachusetts. I have been a member of our Kent church for 17 years.