The Right Thing for the Right Reason - January 25, 2015

Led by the Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer, Director of Religious Education Karen Lapidus and Worship Associate Mary Lou Hollly

Our multigenerational service this morning will explore congruence.  How we can align our hearts and minds and actions so we can do the right thing for the right reason more often?

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We the People - January 18, 2014

Led by Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer and Worship Associate Emeritus, Ted Voneida

We often think about integrity as an individual, but how about integrity as a collective?  How can we, the citizens of this nation, demand integrity from the government and other institutions that act in our name?

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Yes You Can! - January 11, 2014

Led by  Rev. Christie Anderson and Worship Associate John Marfy

Most of us have changes in our lives that we could accomplish but we seem to lack that needed boost of motivation. Hear the inspiring story of one man who successfully undertook a radical, personal transformation. Join us to empower yourself and commit to that change in your life!

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Spiritual Activism - January 4, 2015

Led by Andrew Rome and Worship Associate Mary Lou Holly
Our faith calls us to action. As we work to build a better world this new year, we’ll hear stories of the spiritual lessons learned from activism. Come and renew your commitment and renew your spirit.

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December 28 - Laughter Sunday at 9:45 AM ONLY

Mike Hovancsek and Worship Associate Lori McGee
The less said about this service the better.

Fair warning:

Those of you sitting in the first three rows will get wet.

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Christmas Eve Services - December 24, 2014

Services available at 4:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 8:30 pm
4:30 pm – Young Family Friendly Service
Led by the Rev. Renee Zimelis Ruchotzke and Director of Religious Education Karen Lapidus
This interactive service is designed especially for families with young children who are sure to be filled with wiggles and excitement. Dress your child in their Christmas finery or their Christmas pajamas – whichever will be more fun – and come join the celebratio…

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Winter Wonder Wonderful - December 21, 2014

Led by the Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer, Sandy Eaglen, Director of Religious Education Karen Lapidus and Worship Associate Bonnie Harper
Join us for our annual holiday pageant as we explore through story and song how Hanukah, the Solstice and Christmas converge in wonder.
There is no podcast for this service due to the copyrighted plays performed.

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A Rose in the Wintertime - December 14, 2014

Led by  the Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer and Worship Associate John Marfy

Throughout the Americas, many amazing stories have been told about Our Lady of Guadalupe. Have you ever wondered what inspiration she might have for you and your own search? This is your chance to explore!

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What Wondrous Love - December 7, 2014

Led by Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer and Worship Associate Justin Czekaj
Love is wondrous and so is life. This morning we will lift up spiritual and scientific insights about the critical role that wonder plays in our capacity to embrace it all. Come let this service help you prepare to embrace the wonders of this time of year.

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From Untouchable to Dalit - November 30, 2014

Led by Lori McGee with Worship Associate Bonnie Harper

India is known for its caste system–its way of structuring social classes–but how much is actually known about how that system affects the people, most especially the “untouchables”? This service will explore a brief explanation of the caste system with focus on the women of the untouchable caste. We will also explore how some of these women are rising about their social constraints to b…

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Worship Services

Join us, Sunday mornings for services at 9:45 and 11:30 AM.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning is the time that we all gather together to be in community as a whole. Along with the Worship Service, we offer a variety of programming for all ages. At least once each month, children are invited into the Sanctuary for an intergenerational service.

Worship Services

Our services may be led by our minister, a visiting minister, or a lay member or guest of the congregation. Service topics are announced in our monthly newsletter, The Chalice Flame. Come dressed as you’re comfortable; you will find people dressed in both business casual and casual clothes. Please see our Children’s Religious Education page regarding how our children participate in services.


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Coffee Hour

Please join us for coffee and other light refreshments downstairs in Fessenden Hall between services. We always have an activity such as drawing available for children.  In July the coffee hour will follow our one service.  In August the coffee hour will begin around 10:30 and in September the coffee hour will begin at about 11:00.