Congregational Goals 2020-2021

Each year, by collaboratively brainstorming, the Board of Trustees writes a series of goals to help us as a congregation focus our energy and advance the church’s mission and vision. These goals have replaced previous Strategic Plans, to enable us to be more flexible in this fast-changing world.  Global events of the past 8 to 9 months have shown us just how fast changes can occur.  Our Goals are broad in scope, and that is intentional. Determining how the Goals will be implemented and carried out will be the work (and joy!) of each of us as we find ways to become involved and participate through worship, committees, youth & education, service, programs, financial support and care of one another. Additionally, the Ministry Executive Team (or MET) and church staff are all directly responsible and accountable to the church’s many ministries.  We, as a Board, receive regular reports from Rev. Steven and our MET as a way of seeing how our Goals are being carried out. 

As we move through this church year – primarily physically distanced – we welcome you to consider creative ways to share YOUR UUCK Goals in action with the congregation!

THANK YOU again to everyone who participated in the September 27th Town Hall. I’d also like to thank Rev. Steven for leading the Board through this highly interactive and collaborative process of goal setting at this year’s retreat.

Diana Watt, Moderator

Goal 1: Grow as a Spiritual Community

  • Invite, welcome, engage and retain members and friends
  • Offer a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Deepen and expand our culture of welcoming and radical hospitality, including concerns for safety and understanding each other’s needs
  • Make space for diversity through intentional practices of inclusivity (racial, demographic, ideological, political, religious, worship, etc.)
  • Create opportunities for all ages to participate in congregational life and work
  • Create a culture of open and frequent communication on the life and work of the church

Goal 2: Nurture our Religious Education program

  • Offer diverse RE programming for adults
  • Develop family ministry (comprehensive education for all ages)
  • Sustain enthusiasm and support of quality RE programs for children and youth

Goal 3: Deepen our Capacity for Social Justice

  • Encourage increased communication, education, and participation in social justice work, including social and environmental challenges, inequality, oppression, the democratic process, and movements for change
  • Help people discover and live their passion for social justice
  • Continue to create opportunities for intergenerational social justice work
  • Develop external connections and relationships (including interfaith and other social justice networks)


Goal 4: Promote a Culture of Shared Leadership

  • Identify, encourage, nurture, and develop leaders
  • Integrate Youth and Young Adults in leadership
  • Grow leaders through education, mentorship, and experiences
  • Celebrate and thank leaders

Goal 5: Expand and Enhance our Infrastructure and Its Uses

  • Generate excitement, energy and participation with our church campus
  • Complete the construction of Hobbs Hall
  • Live into the use of Hobbs Hall, including a startup team to create policies and procedures, purchase furniture and equipment
  • Care for and honor the spaces we have (including aesthetics, safety, facilities maintenance, etc.)

Goal 6: Become more visible in the wider community

  • Increase participation in the wider community with collaboration, activism, and attendance at external events
  • Promote UUCK – logos, marketing, visible presence, signage
  • Use media (including social media) and technology to promote the life and work of the church
  • Continue to seek resources to help raise community awareness of the church’s  mission

Goal 7: Work toward greater financial stability

  • Create a culture of generosity
  • Revitalize the structures that support the financial health of our congregation
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