What is this auction?

This year’s Buds in Bluum auction will feature an online only silent auction May 8 – 14 and a multi-platform live event on May 14 at our new Hobbs Hall and via Zoom.

Bid in the Silent Auction

Starting May 8 at noon, you will be able to place bids on items in the silent auction using the auction website. When someone else places a bid on the item you are following, you will receive an email to let you know that you have been outbid. Then, you can return to the website to place another bid. This will allow you to easily keep track of the items you are bidding on.  Bidding will close at 7 PM on Saturday, May 14.

Click here for instructions on how to bid on the silent auction.

Purchase Fixed Price Items

Items and events that are available at a set price (usually under $20) and will also be available on the auction site. Starting at noon on May 8, you will be able to purchase items from the auction website, similar to the process of placing a silent auction bid. 

Examples of past fixed priced events include: Ethnic Grocery Store Tour, craft workshops, Board Game Night in Fessenden Hall, Bike the Towpath and Ride the Train back, hand-knit hats and scarves, homemade cider, fresh bread from a local bakery, and small art prints. 

Click here for instructions on how to purchase a fixed priced item.

Bid in the Live Auction

This year, our live auction will be held in person at our beautiful Hobbs Hall and via Zoom. The doors will open to Hobbs hall at 6 PM for those who choose to attend in person. A ticket is required to attend the live auction in person.

If your preferences is to attend and bid from home, join us using the following Zoom link so you can join in the fun too! https://zoom.us/j/92413223876 Meeting ID: 924 1322 3876

How do I buy tickets to attend the live auction in person?

Tickets are required for those wanting to attend the live auction in person on May 14, 2022. In person attendees will be entered into a prize drawing. Tickets cost $5 and can be purchased in the following ways:

Option 1. Buy tickets online.           

  1. Visit the auction website
  2. Click on login in the upper right hand corner and log into your account.        
  3. Click on Catalog grid and find item ATX1 Individual Admission and ATX2 Couples Admission.   
  4. Click on the Place bid Button below your desired ticket choice.       
  5. Click Save on the next screen to finalize your choice.  The tickets will now appear on your statement. 

Option 2. Purchase tickets at the auction table (at Hobbs Hall) after in-person Sunday Services starting April 3rd.

No tickets are needed for Zoom attendees of the live auction.

If you have any questions, please contact Trudy Diehl at 330-389-0132 by phone or text or email at [email protected].


The website will be open for donation from April 10 to May 1. Look at the homepage of the website for suggested procedures on setting up your events/items on the auction website and when/how to deliver items to the winning bidder.

How do I log into the auction website?

Go to www.togetherauction.com/kentuu.

Click the blue login link in the upper right corner of the screen. You will log in using your telephone number and the last 4 digits of your phone number as the PIN (unless you previously changed it). This works for new and returning users. 

If you have any questions or concerns logging into the auction website, contact the auction team at [email protected]

How do I change my personal information on the auction website?

Click on the My Statement button after you have logged in (see above). Click the Edit Profile link to update your contact information.

I’m not good with computers. Can you help me get started?

Yes! Contact the auction chair at auction at kentuu.org, or Trudy Diehl at 330-389-0132.

I have an idea but I don’t know how to describe it or I can’t do it alone.

Don’t let that stop you. We can help you with the details. Contact the auction committee at [email protected]. We can connect you with others who want to co-plan events or help you with enticing descriptions to get others excited to bid on your offering.

See the main page of the auction website for suggested procedures on setting up your events/items on the auction website and when/how to deliver items to the winning bidder.

Can we still host in-person events?

Due to concerns with COVID-19, we highly recommend coming up with physically distant activities with minimal risk to all individuals. This is your chance to let your creative energy shine! Some ideas you might consider are a picnic in a park, a special porch-dropped meal, or a crafting lesson held over Zoom. Please see the UUCK In Person Health & Safety Policy.

If you would like some additional help in coming up with an event, contact the auction committee at [email protected].

I am ready to enter my donation, but I don’t have a picture yet. Can I add one later?

We encourage you to add a description of the item or event you plan to donate, even if you don’t have all the details yet, so that we can get a good feel for the number and type of items we will have available.

Fortunately, you can edit your donation at any time after the initial creation! Logged into the auction site, simply click the item name (which appears as a link). The donation setup screen will display and you can make any desired changes. All donations should be finalized by May 1.

Where are my emails from the auction website?

Check your spam/junk mail folder on your email account. Sometimes the email from an unrecognized server will be marked as spam by your email provider. Fortunately, most servers save the “spam” emails to another folder instead of deleting them.

If you are watching an item you bid on, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the auction website in the event that you don’t see the email.

I don’t see a link or button on the silent auction items. How do I bid?

You will not be able to place a bid on an item until May 8 at noon. At that time, the Bid link will display beside silent auction items.

If the current date/time is after May 8 at noon, then be sure you are logged into the auction website. The Bid link only displays next to silent auction items when you are logged into the website.

The silent auction item I’m bidding on has multiple quantities available, and I’m one of several bidders. What does this mean?

For items with multiple quantities, there can be multiple winners! When the silent auction ends, the bidders with the top bids will be billed for the item at the price they bid. You can view the highest bids in the list that displays next to the item in the catalog (see image below).

For example, an item has a quantity of 2. Bidder 1 has bid $55 and Bidder 2 has bid $45. When the auction closes, Bidder 1 will be billed $55 for the item and Bidder 2 will be billed $45.

Using the same example, if Bidder 1 has bid $55 for 2 of the items, then no other bidders will show in the bidder list because Bidder 1 has bid on both. If Bidder 1 is not outbid, they will be billed $110 ($55 each) at the end of the auction.

The trick is to keep yourself on the list of bidders. You don’t necessarily need to bid on the item if you are still in the list of high bidders. However, your winning strategy is up to you!

How do I receive my physical items?

Donors are asked to bring their physical items to Fessenden Hall on Saturday, May 7 between 3 – 7 PM.

For perishable items, sellers should designate a date/time for delivery in the event details (e.g., Saturday June 5, 4-6 PM). If for some reason you are unable to deliver the item to bidders’ homes, you can offer the item for pickup from your home.  If you choose this method, you must state in your offering that buyers are required to pick up the item.

Buyers attending the May 14 live auction in person may pick up their winnings at the conclusion of the event.

Buyers may also pickup their winnings on May 15 from 11 AM – 2 PM at Fessenden Hall.

How do I pay for my items?

After the auction is over, you will be able to view your invoice on the auction website. You can pay your invoice in one of the following ways:

  • Pay in person on May 14 at the end of the auction at Hobbs Hall.
  • *Text “Give” to 330-835-5028
  • *The church website at: https://kentuu.org/giving/donate/ 
  • Mail a check to the church with “Auction” in the Memo line.
  • Pay in person on May 15 from 11 AM – 2 PM at Fessenden Hall.

*Please note that the church pays a service fee for charges made using the website and the texting service. If you would like to help by adding the service fee to your invoice, contact the auction committee at [email protected].

How do I see who bought my event/dinner/item?

Once the auction has ended, you can log into the auction website at www.togetherauction.com/kentuu to see a complete statement showing payment status, donations, purchases, and contact information for buyers and donors of events and services.  Once logged in, click on the My Statement tab at the top of the screen.

On your statement, you can see all of your auction donations and/or purchases. It shows who bought each item you donated, and how much it sold for. You can also send email to the purchaser(s) of your items from there. 

Finances are tight. How can I contribute to the auction and stay on a budget?

There are lots of inexpensive ways you can help the church raise needed funds. Some ideas for low or no cost:

  • Donate your time! Offer leaf raking or cook a meal to porch drop. What do you do well that others would love for you to do for them?
  • Host a virtual poetry sharing or crafting class.
  • Coordinate a trip to places with no admission fees, e.g., greenhouses, hike in the park, bike ride.
  • Donate a themed basket, e.g. “The Art of Glass” – several items of decorative glassware packaged together.
  • Donate new-quality items that you no longer need e.g., new-quality silver jewelry, pretty decorative pottery, a chalice, a meditation stool, small framed pictures, handmade wooden bowl, etc.

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