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Board approved: 4/18/2024

The mission of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent (hereafter referred to as UUCK) is to inspire
love, seek justice, and grow in community.

Art chosen to be displayed on the church campus will be appropriate for enhancing the mission and
values of the church. It will broaden art appreciation and create reflection.

  1. Art is selected by the UUCK Art Team for all display spaces on the church campus. The Art Team
    reports to and collaborates with the Ministry Executive Team. The Buildings and Grounds
    Coordinator shall be informed of art displays.
  2. Each exhibit will be for approximately two months.
  3. Artists shall submit digital or photographic images for consideration. Various media, as long as they can be hung for display, are welcome.
  4. Art may not be moved or removed during the exhibit without approval of the Art Team.
  5. The primary location of art exhibits is in the hallway of Hobbs Hall. Special art exhibits may also be located in the sanctuary, upon consultation with the worship team and rentals coordinator.
  6. Art and/or its packing materials may not be stored on church property.
  7. Artists may have no more than one solo show every two years.
  1. The Art Team recruits and selects artists to exhibit.
  2. An Art Team member will be the liaison with the artist and will coordinate with the artist to create the display.
  3. Soon after acceptance of an artist’s work for display the Art Team liaison will confer with the artist to arrange installation and removal dates/times.
  4. The church will provide the hanging system for displaying the art.
  5. The exhibit will be publicized in UUCK’s communications.
  6. UUCK will take reasonable precautions but the church is not responsible for any damage or theft that may occur while the art is on display. It is highly recommended that the artist carry appropriate insurance.
  7. The Art Team reserves the right to decline work that is deemed unsuitable for display.
  1. Sign and return a display agreement and a Release of Liability waiver covering theft or damage to
  2. Agree to abide by the policies and procedures of UUCK.
  3. If possible, make a visit to UUCK to view the display spaces to determine where and how to display their art.
  4. Provide an Artist’s Statement, which includes a brief biography (not to exceed 500 words) and a photo. This statement will be used for publicity.
  5. Transport their art to and from the display space.
  6. Prepare their work with securely attached wire. No sawtooth hangers, tape or holes in the wall are permitted.
  7. Provide a typed label for each piece, to be placed by that work which includes artist’s name, title and media.
  8. Receptions are encouraged. An artist wishing to have a reception should consult with their Art Team liaison about scheduling it. Refreshments will be provided by the artist. It is the responsibility of the artist to plan the reception and to ask UUCK for help and support.
  1. Artists may sell their work. At the end of the exhibit, if works were sold, the artist will be asked to contribute 15% (tax deductible) of the total purchase price to the UU Church of Kent. Sold works will remain until the close of the exhibit.
  2. If art is for sale, the artist will provide a typed price list. Sale of the artwork will be handled by the artist.
  1. The Art Team shall authorize permanent items (including plaques, signs, etc.) and select permanent
    artwork. The team is responsible for determining location and manner of placement.
  2. The Art Team shall consult with the Board and the MET regarding appropriate selections and shall
    inform the Buildings and Grounds Coordinator regarding permanent displays.
  1. The Art Team shall designate a person/team to oversee seasonal decor for the chancel and other
    aspects of the space being used for worship.
  2. The decor should have a unified look, support the worship elements (e.g. chalice, joys & sorrows
    items, singing bowl, pulpit, music) in consultation with the Worship Arts Team, and consider the
    visual experience of Zoom participants.
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