Committee on Shared Ministry

The Committee on Ministry meets regularly to discuss the well-being of the congregation.  They function as a vision or oversight group and we make sure that there is open and appropriate communication within the church.

The current committee on ministry consists of the Chair Lori Mirkin-McGee and members: Jennifer May, Rhonda Richardson, Shana Steinhouse, and the Minister (ex officio).  Everyone on the committee is open to hearing concerns from members of the congregation.

Committee on Shared Ministry Responsibilites:

  • Participate in the regular review of the Minister
  • Select an evaluation tool to be used to conduct an assessment of how the Congregation is living into its Mission
  • Monitor and nurture the health of the Church’s shared ministries
  • Provide oversight to cultivate open and appropriate Church-wide communication
  • Prepare and submit a slate of CoSM candidates to the Board to fill vacancies

2023-2024 Committee on Shared Ministry Members:

  • Lori McGee (Commissioned Lay Minister), Chair
  • Jennifer May
  • Rhonda Richardson
  • Shana Steinhouse
  • The Minister (ex officio).
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