Path to Membership

Becoming a Unitarian Universalist

Are you searching for acceptance, and perhaps even encouragement, as you discover your intellectual or spiritual path? By the time you become a member here, you probably realize that the “path to membership” is an ongoing one. If you are searching for community and opportunities to work for peace and justice, your search may be over.

Newcomer Orientations

“New UU” classes are offered several times a year.  Classes will be announced in Church publications. Topics covered may include worship and theology, UU roots and history, membership, governance, stewardship, religious education and social justice. Alternatively you may contact Claudia Miller, Membership Team Chair through the Church Office.

Membership Record Book

After completing the New UU class, those who feel the principles of this church are aligned with their own, are invited to sign the Membership Record Book, witnessed by the Minister or a member of the Membership Team, as a symbol of commitment to this church. Membership is open to all people aged 14 or older, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. The Membership Chair can help if you have any questions.

Welcoming New Members

New members are formally welcomed in a ceremony during a church service. After the service a special congregational lunch is held in their honor.

The Four Cornerstones of Membership

1. Regular attendance at Sunday Worship
2. Participation in the Life of the Church
3. Support of the Church with your time and financial resources
4. Participation in the democratic process of the Church.

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