Who Are Our Leaders?

During this time of transition, it may be helpful for folks to know who our official leaders are, and what areas they cover.

We have a Board of Trustees, led by Moderator Kara Kramer. The board members are our elected leaders and have been given the authority by us to make decisions about the future (with opportunities for members to give input).

We also have a Ministry Executive Team (MET) which includes our Administrator MaryBeth Hannan, our volunteer treasurer Lois Weir, and two other former board members, Diana D. Watt and Kathie Slater. The MET oversees our day-to-day operations and collaborates with our ministry teams.

Our Committee on Shared Ministry, led by Commissioned Lay Minister Lori Mirkin-McGee, helps us to live into our covenant by practicing faithful communication and gentleness with one another.

Our Worship Arts team plans the 11:00am traditional service and is led by Commissioned Lay Minister Kathy Kerns. Our Director of Religious Exploration Colleen Haines Thoele oversees the 9:15 all ages service and Sunday morning religious exploration, with assistance from Affiliated Community Minister Rev. Renée Ruchotzke.

Our parish minister serves as a member of all of the above leadership groups and provides a lot of the communication/coordination. In times when we don’t have a minister, the various groups make adjustments so that communication is maintained. Please give them all extra grace during the next several weeks as they make those adjustments.

Rev. Christie Anderson and Rev. Renée Ruchotzke are affiliated community ministers, and fill in as volunteers in partnership with–and are accountable to–the above leaders.

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