Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care from Rev. Steven Protzman

Rev. Steven works closely with our care ministries because he believes that ministry is something we do together. Along with them he also provides pastoral care to the congregation.


Q:  How can I get pastoral care or counseling from Rev. Steven Protzman?

 A:  Contact him 319.621.4074 or [email protected]


Q: How can I get pastoral care or counseling?

A: Contact the Church Office to request an appointment.  Please provide a bit of information so we can determine the best way to meet your needs.

Q: What kinds of concerns can I seek help with?

A: You may call or email for any reason, but you are especially encouraged to reach out when you need spiritual support. You might consider calling when:

• you or someone you care about is very sick or in the hospital.
• someone you care about has died.
• you would like to discuss your own mortality.
• you are planning a wedding or commitment ceremony.
• you are planning to separate or divorce.
• you would like a ceremony of dedication for your child.
• you are pregnant, but wish you weren’t or are trying to become pregnant, but cannot.
• you or someone you care about is in legal trouble or has been arrested.
• you or someone you care about is struggling with abuse or addiction or mental illness.
• you have lost hope or faith in yourself, another, or life itself.
• you need a referral to a professional counselor.
• you would like to be visited in your home.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Thanks to the generosity of the members and friends of this congregation, our minister is able to provide limited financial assistance from the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.  If a financial crisis renders you unable to pay for your housing, food, medication, utilities, transportation or other urgent items, please contact Rev. Steven.

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