Congregational Goals

Each year, by collaboratively brainstorming, the Board of Trustees writes a series of goals to help us as a congregation focus our energy and advance the church’s mission and vision. These goals have replaced previous Strategic Plans, to enable us to be more flexible in this fast-changing world.  Our Goals are broad in scope, and that is intentional. Determining how the Goals will be implemented and carried out will be the work (and joy!) of each of us as we find ways to become involved and participate through worship, committees, youth & education, service, programs, financial support and care of one another.

As we move through the church year, we welcome you to consider creative ways to share YOUR UUCK Goals in action with the congregation!

UUCK Congregational Goals 2023-2024

Based on our mission statement to inspire love, seek justice, and grow in community.

Goal 1: Renew our Shared Ministry.

  • Establish a discernment process to match individual passions to opportunities to serve
  • Fill all coordinator positions: Fundraising (incl. grants), Personnel, Volunteer Ministries
  • Activate key teams: Hobbs Hall Rentals, Adult RE (incl. vibrant small groups), Pastoral Care, Publicity, Safety
  • Fully staff all volunteer teams
  • Engage different teams to serve coffee each Sunday

Goal 2: Continue to create and nurture a culture of Right Relationship.

  • Provide right relationship education (e.g. in every possible public forum, either role modeled or overt, nonviolent communication workshop, learning how to be in conflict in a healthy way, “How to Do Church”)
  • Activate venues for listening and communication (e.g. conversation about what needs are not being met, covenants around how to communicate, Human Library)
  • Identify ways to engage young adults and physical neighbors in community.

Goal 3:  Progress towards Fiscal Health.

  • Establish a path and undertake necessary work towards a balanced budget, including paying staff a fair wage and returning to honor congregation status with UUA.

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