UUCK Children and Youth Making a Difference

On Saturday March 6th, we held a special Zoom gathering with Dr. Hayes-Nelson, Director of the Portage County NAACP. During our time together, Dr. Nelson shared with our kids the work the NAACP does in our community. The children shared why they chose the NAACP as the recipient of the January special collection and were excited to officially announce the amount they raised. In an exciting turn of events, the children were told just how their donation will impact the community!

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Children’s Religious Education Ministry

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent has a vibrant Religious Education ministry.   We have a strong Children and Youth Religious Education Committee and teams of dedicated volunteer teachers.

Register your child for  2023-2024 RE Programming HERE

For more information, please contact leaders below:

Director of Religious Education: Colleen Thoele

Nursery Staff: Michelle Bores

RE Committee Chair: Amanda Rome

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How To Request Childcare

The Words Child Care made from wooden alphabet blocks and on a white backgroundIf you are Hosting an event and would like to provide childcare, please make arrangements three weeks in advance.

If you are Requesting childcare for an event, our deadline for is one week in advance.

Reservations are NOT needed for Nursery care during Sunday morning worship services.

Thanks for your help!

Colleen Thoele
Director of Religious Education
[email protected]

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