e-nUUs November 2, 2016

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Headlines from this week’s announcements:

  • We’re Trying Something New with the e-nUUs!
  • Stories of Spiritual Discovery – Sunday, November 6
  • UU’ve Got Talent concert
  • Coming of Age Program canceled
  • Spiritual Cinema: Contact
  • GLSEN Youth Conference
  • Youth Group Organizational Meeting
  • Important announcement regarding childcare for the Service Auction
  • Teacher Teams – Sunday, November 6
  • Froggie Fundraiser
  • Exciting News!  Service Auction announcement
  • Plant-based Potluck
  • Bringing GA Home
  • Parking Notice for Election Day Dinner
  • Youth Help Needed
  • Patricia Pownall UU Book Group
  • Kent Hogwarts Yule Ball
  • Kent Interfaith Post-Election Forum
  • Race Forward Akron: Building Community and Taking Action for Racial Justice




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