Visual Art Ministry

The Visual Arts Ministry uses visual arts to promote and serve the goals of the church.  There are two activities: An art exhibit on the walls of the Sanctuary and an art activity between the services on Sunday.

The art exhibit consists of about twelve two dimensional pieces about 14″ by 17″ hung in the sanctuary.  The exhibit changes once a month.  Volunteers can help with the exhibit by preparing art for exhibit,  finding artists with art to exhibit, framing art for exhibit,  hanging an exhibit, helping to choose art and art topics for an exhibit, or preparing a reception for an artist.

The art activity consists of a table provided with paper and crayons and other art materials.  Children and adults sit at the table and prepare pictures. No art talent or experience is required. Usually there is an art educator available for technical question about technique, materials, or presentation.  Some of these pictures have become part of an exhibit in the sanctuary.

Interested persons can contact:
     Frederick John Kluth
     FJKluth Art Gallery
     300 N. Water St.
     Kent OH 44340
     [email protected]

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