Ministry Coordinators

Volunteer Ministries Coordinator: Claudia Miller

My primary activity as Volunteer Coordinator this year has been to talk to as many folks as possible about their interests in volunteering, and to try to match up people with jobs, tasks, assignments that are in need of their special skills and energy.  This is, of course, an ongoing process.  However, I do think that asking is the most direct and successful way to assist people to find their next way to express their joy in being part of our Beloved Community.  This position has been a natural progression for me in that I am part of the Leadership Development Team as well as facilitator of the Membership Team.  The functions of all of these teams merge somewhat, and it has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know many more people much better.  For this, I am truly grateful.

Personnel Coordinator: Bobbi Beale

The role of the Personnel Coordinator is the assist the Ministry Executive Team in making staffing decision, maintaining and updating employment policies, monitor compliance with the Church’s commitment to maintaining UUA Fair Compensation Guidelines (Congregational Vote for Fair Compensation, Fall 2003), serve on Search Committees for lay-staff positions, and monitor and facilitate employee grievance processes and resolution(s), as well as make recommendations to the Board to grant Emeritus status for retired professional staff.

IMG_2134Building and Grounds Coordinator: Georgia Quinn

The Building and Grounds Coordinator assists with the processes related to the purchase, replacement, and/or disposition of physical
assets, facilitates the maintenance and repair needs of our facilities and equipment, oversees and cares for the Church grounds, oversee accessibility and safety of Church property and in collaboration with the Finance Committee, reviews all Building and Grounds contracts annually.

Georgia Quinn, member since 2009, has been working to maintain and improve the outdoor areas of our church as Team Leader for the Landscape Team for several years.  She and her husband, Rick Neel, live in Uniontown and are retired teachers who enjoy using their handyman and landscaping skills for community projects. Since retiring, Georgia enjoys travel, nature photography, and volunteering for Summit County Metro Parks. 

Social Justice and Community Outreach Coordinator:  Vivien Sandlund              

The Social Justice and Community Outreach Coordinator  serves as the Chair the Social Justice Council and is a a liaison to the Social Justice Task Groups, submits requests for support and/or endorsement of Social Justice proposed resolutions, events, and/or action(s),  participate in the decision-making process for any social justice proposal, facilitates the process for any proposed Congregational Resolution, and informs the Congregation of Social Justice participation opportunities through the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

To share your interests in social justice, or your social justice ideas: email [email protected]

UU, Interfaith, and Community Connections Coordinator:

The UU, Interfaith, and Community Connections Coordinator  acts as a liaison between the Church and the Centeral East Region (CER) and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), informs the Congregation of local, regional, and national UU issues, meetings, events, workshops, institutes, and other opportunities,; at as a liaison between the Church and other local interfaith groups and local community organizations.

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