Capital Campaign and Building Expansion

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 Realizing Our Vision: Not for Us Alone

Our church has been on a clear upward trajectory over the last few years.Proposed Site Plan


We have:

  • Been growing in people and programs.
  • Deepened our worship experiences.
  • Expanded offerings for children and youth.
  • Created new musical ministries.
  • Increased involvement in our community.
  • Become a welcoming congregation.
  • Been working toward Green Sanctuary status for our environmental efforts.
  • Been developing new ways to extend a caring hand to our members and friends of the congregation.

…we have a vibrant, caring congregation that has made possible all the recent changes that have expanded what we have to offer the world.

… we know we have more to do. Our church has long served the geographic area, and we want to continue to be a beacon of liberal religion in Portage and neighboring counties. We know there are many more people in our area who yearn for what we have to offer.

… we have come to recognize that our physical facilities are limiting what we can do.  For our church to be a fully welcoming and impactful presence in our community, we need more space:

  • A larger social hall to host events.
  • Bigger spaces for our bursting religious education program.
  • A larger sanctuary space to hold all who need our healing message.

Come, let us do this together. Be part of our new capital campaign, Realizing the Vision: Not for Us Alone.

As Co-Chairs of the campaign, we ask you to join us in making a pledge to grow our church in spirit, love, and programs for all ages.

In faith,

Marion Yeagler and Kathy Kerns


Building Expansion Team

Visualizations of our Proposed Expansion

Download the entire Church Expansion Project 2015 Case Statement

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Church Vision Statement
Our vitality and passion call us to restore and expand our space to equal the energies of our dreams.
When we do, we will be better equipped to carry on our historical legacy
while also embracing the possibilities for connection, service, programming, and outreach to which we aspire.
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