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In keeping with our church’s mission and vision, the church will take a monthly special offering to fund different social justice projects and programs. These projects and programs may be local, national, or international in focus. The projects and programs to be funded will be consistent with the Unitarian Universalist principles and purposes. The Social Justice Committee will choose the projects and programs to be funded each month in consultation with and subject to the approval of the trustee for Outreach to the Wider World. The Trustee will coordinate the date and cause with the Minister and advise the Board. Members of the congregation will be encouraged to suggest to the Social Justice Committee projects and programs to be funded with the special offering.

Additional special offerings may be approved of as the need arises by any two of the following people: the Minister, the Moderator, the Assistant Moderator, and the currently scheduled Worship Associate.  These are not to take the place of any offering sponsored by the Social Justice Committee.

Revised and Approved 9/12/2007

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