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Ministry Coordinators

The following Board appointed volunteer positions work in support of non-staff lead programs and ministries.

The Volunteer Ministries Coordinator assists with matching volunteers to available opportunities in support of the many programs and ministries of our community. Additionally, this leader coordinates and hosts the annual Shared Ministries Fair.

The Building and Grounds Coordinator facilitates the maintenance and repair needs of our facilities and equipment, collaborates with the Landscape Chair to oversee the care for the Church grounds, oversee accessibility and safety of Church property and in collaboration with the Congregational Administrator reviews all Building and Grounds contracts annually.  Additionally,  assists with the processes related to the purchase, replacement, and/or disposition of physical assets. 

Social Justice and Community Outreach Coordinator oversees the Church’s social justice task groups. Additionally, this leader submits requests for support and/or endorsement of Social Justice proposed resolutions, events, and/or action(s), facilitates the process for any proposed Congregational Resolution, and informs the Congregation of Social Justice participation opportunities through the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

The Personnel Coordinator assists the Ministry Executive Team in making staffing decisions, maintaining and updating employment policies and positions, and monitor and facilitate employee grievance processes and resolution(s).

The UU, Interfaith, and Community Connections Coordinator informs the Congregation of local, regional, and national UU issues, meetings, events, workshops, institutes, and other opportunities.  Acts as a liaison between the Church and other local interfaith groups and local community organizations

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