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Conflict of Interest

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All employees, trustees, and committee members with financial authority of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent (UUCK) shall scrupulously avoid any conflict between their personal, professional, or business interests and the interests of the Church.


  1. A “close relationship” is one of the following:
    • A relationship with a spouse or domestic partner; parent or child; sister or brother; aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew; or the spouse of any of these persons; or
    • Any other close family, personal, professional, or business relationship that might cause a conflict of interest, as defined in this policy.
  2. A “committee” is any appointed or elected body of the UUCK, whether it is called a committee or a panel, board, commission, or other name.
  3. A “conflict of interest” is any actual or potential situation in which an individual’s close relationship to another party would make it difficult for the individual to be unbiased in carrying out his or her obligations to the UUCK.
  4. “Interested Person”
    1. If any employee, trustee, or committee member has any direct or indirect interest in, or a close relationship with, any individual or organization that proposes to enter into any transaction or affiliation with the UUCK, including but not limited to the:
      • sale, purchase, lease or rental of any property or other asset, 
      • employment, or rendition of services, personal or otherwise,
      • award of any grant, loan, contract, or subcontract,
      • investment or deposit of any funds of the UUCK, 
    2. such person shall be considered an “interested person” and shall give notice of such interest or relationship as specified in this policy.


The Board shall ensure that all employees, trustees, and committee members are informed of this policy.

Conflict Process

If the Church wishes to consider entering into a transaction with an interested person, the following steps must be followed:

  • The interested person must fully disclose the financial interest. Trustees and the Minister disclose to the Moderator of the Board. Committee members disclose to the Ministry Executive Team (MET).
  • After discussing the matter, the interested person should leave the room so the transaction may be discussed in his or her absence.
  • The deciding body must make a diligent effort to find alternatives to entering into a transaction with an interested person.
  • UUCK shall not do business with interested persons if there is a better alternative.
  • The interested person shall not vote on the matter.

Conflicts of Commitment

No employee, trustee, or committee member of UUCK may use or influence the use of UUCK’s financial, personnel, or other resources for personal benefit, or for any purposes other than the achievement of the ends of UUCK.

Approved 3/22/2016.

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