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Governance: Board of Trustees

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Board approved April 21, 2021

The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent is the elected governing body of the church, with fiduciary responsibility for the congregation and its activities in accordance with the church bylaws. The Board shall at all times act in the interests of and on behalf of the church, and serve the interests of the church members. The Board of Trustees shall serve under the authority of the church members and shall carry out the wishes of the membership to the best of their ability. The Board of Trustees shall be guided by the mission and vision of the congregation. Toward that end, the Board of Trustees adopts the following governance policies to guide the Board in fulfilling its duties. These policies operate under the church bylaws and may be changed by vote of the Board of Trustees. 

“The Board shall discern, articulate, and monitor compliance with the Church’s mission, vision, and covenant.” 

To carry out these responsibilities the Board shall:

  • Set goals for each year.  Present and discuss these annual goals with the congregation.  
  • Monitor progress on goals and keep the congregation informed.
  • Review whether the congregation has met the goals for the previous year. 
  • Create, update, and follow an annual calendar. 
  • Schedule and oversee regular communications with the congregation and to listen to the views of the membership on issues of importance to the church.   
  • Make final decisions on controversial issues and questions affecting or involving the congregation, with careful consideration of recommendations from the MET. 
  • Consider and approve recommendations from the Committee on Shared Ministry regarding disruptive behavior by members or friends of the congregation.  
  • Address recommendations and requests brought to the Board by the MET and by Coordinators.
  • Ensure that congregational policies developed by the church’s teams or committees are alignment with our mission, vision, values and Unitarian Universalist principles.
  • Call annual meetings, special meetings, town hall meetings, and emergency meetings of the Congregation. 

“The Board shall assume fiduciary responsibility for the Church.”  

To carry out this responsibility the Board shall:  

  • Determine fiscal-year priorities based on the Church mission. These priorities will shape the budgeting process. 
  • Ensure that the Church is financially sound. 
  • Review monthly financial reports. 
  • Submit a Board-approved budget for the annual meeting. 
  • Approve necessary non-budgeted expenses not to exceed an annual total of 5% of the current fiscal year budget. Expenses exceeding 5% require approval of the Church membership. 
  • Respond to major financial requests from the stewardship campaign, a current capital campaign, major fundraising activities, and special appeals. 

“The Board shall work closely with the Ministry Executive Team (MET)”

To carry out this responsibility the Board shall:

  • Review monthly MET reports. 
  • Hear and respond to employee disciplinary or dismissal appeals. 
  • Hear and respond to recommendations for Emeritus status for retired professional staff. 

“The Board shall monitor and evaluate the Congregation’s leadership.” 

To carry out this responsibility the Board shall:

  • Regularly review the job performance of the minister in accordance with the bylaws by Oct. 31st of the review year.
  • Appoint volunteer leaders. These leaders include:
    • Treasurer 
    • Buildings and Grounds Coordinator 
    • Personnel Coordinator 
    • Social Justice and Community Outreach Coordinator
    • UU, Interfaith, and Community Connections Coordinator 
    • Volunteer Ministries Coordinator 
    • Committee on Shared Ministry Coordinator 
    • Coordinator of Leadership Development
    • Leaders of any Board-appointed action teams
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