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New or revised policy needs to align with:

Mission – ….. living earth with reverence and gratitude.

Covenant – …..extend hospitality

Bylaws – ….good stewards of our resources

Why do we need this policy?

To ensure that landscape decisions and projects are sustainable – that they are environmentally sound and easily maintained

To ensure that the human power needed to maintain projects is in place before projects are started.

To ensure that our landscaping enhances our welcoming presence in the community.

Who is authorized to act by the policy?

Following the approval by the Ministry Executive Team (MET), the Chair for Building and Grounds in conjunction with the Landscape Team Leader.

What will these people be authorized to do?

All proposals must be submitted to the Ministry Executive Team (MET) for approval prior to implementation. The MET shall be responsible for ensuring that all appropriate/affected parties are consulted and informed of the project proposal.

What are the limits of authority?

See previous question.

Who will be accountable?

Chairperson for Building and Grounds and Landscape Team Leader along with the MET.

Implementation Plan

Develop a “Landscape Project Proposal” form to be completed before starting a landscape project (See attached)

Include information about this procedure in the guidelines for the Chairperson for Building and Grounds

Formalize the Landscape Team as an official committee under Building and Grounds.

Approved 10/15/2019

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