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Lay Leader Development Funds

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The goal or purpose of this policy is to expand the pool of individuals available for lay leadership positions within the U-U Church of Kent.

A lay leader development team shall be comprised of the Assistant Moderator, the Immediate Past Moderator (or if not available, any previous Moderator), and the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The Assistant Moderator will chair the team. The team will be empowered to:

  • Submit to the Board for review an annual request for lay leader development funds. This budget request will be made by the Assistant Moderator after consulting with members of the lay leader development team 
  • After Board endorsement of the budget request the Assistant Moderator will submit the request to the Finance committee
  • Determine the priorities for awarding lay leader development funds, including:
    • the types of leadership development events for which individuals could be eligible for funding 
    • the current or upcoming leadership positions of individuals seeking funding
  • Advertise the availability of lay leader development funds to members of the congregation
  • Establish and publicize an application procedure for lay leader development funds 
  • Prepare an annual report summarizing the recipients and amounts of each award given

Approved 12/5/2007

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