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Performance Policy for Board Members and Finance Secretary

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This policy addresses concerns about a trustee/officer’s performance in the case where the problems have hampered the Board’s ability to handle church business.  The problems may be a lack of performing job duties and/or behaving in a manner that impinges upon the Board’s ability to function.  If informal attempts at remediation by the moderator have not been successful, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. A meeting will be called by the moderator who will be joined by the assistant moderator, a member of the committee on ministry, and the board member of concern.  This committee will define and document the areas of concern. An action plan will be developed and signed by all participants.  The Board will be informed of the action plan in executive session at the next Board meeting.
  2. After one month, a meeting will be held to assess progress towards meeting the goals of the action plan.  The Board member or Finance Secretary of concern will be invited to submit a self-assessment of progress.  The three member committee (moderator, assistant moderator, and COM member [or appointee; see below]) will determine the amount of progress and report their findings to the Board.
  3. After two months, a final meeting will be held to assess the individual’s performance.  If sufficient progress has not been made, the Board member or Finance Secretary of concern will be given the option of resigning.  If the individual declines, then the Board will follow the procedures for removal from the Board as outlined in the Church bylaws.

Revised and Approved 5/2012
Approved 4/13/2008

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