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Review, Approval, and Posting of Board Meeting Minutes

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Board approved January 19, 2024; updated January 26, 2024

This policy is intended to contribute to efforts of transparency and to address concerns about timely congregational access to the approved minutes of the Board and therefore to inform congregants about issues addressed by the Board. A time frame is included to facilitate giving the congregation access within 7-10 days after a Board meeting.


  1. The Secretary will send an email indicating when the draft of the minutes is ready for review and ask Board Members to review the document within three days. (Note: the Minister does not vote nor approve).
  2. Board Members will review the Google-Drive document of the minutes draft and will edit the document or add comments as needed.
  3. Board Members will indicate their approval (or not) on the space at the top of the document.  If they do not approve, they will add the reason. This step will be completed within the above-mentioned three days.
  4. The Secretary will check the document for all names within the initial 3 days, and will send a follow-up request to Board members, as needed. 
  5. Upon approval by a minimum of four (a majority) Board members, the Secretary will:
    1. Edit the Minutes draft title to reflect its approval
    2. Move the document from the “Minutes Draft” folder to the “Minutes Approved” folder.
    3. Upload the document to the church website.
    4. In the event that the Board Secretary is not trained to upload the document, the Secretary will alert the Congregational Administrator to upload it. 
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