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Our Vision and Mission informs us that our Church needs to be a good community citizen. Being a member of the Kent Community TimeBank helps fulfill this outreach need.

The Kent UU TimeBank Administrator acts as liaison to the Kent Community TimeBank while also administering the program within the Church. The Administrator has sole authority to transfer Time Dollars.

Transfers could include: reimbursement for services rendered to benefit the Church, to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, or other worthy causes. 

These transactions will be subject to oversight by the Kent UU TimeBank Steering Team. This Team has three members, the UU TimeBank Administrator, the Congregational Administrator, and the Board Trustee for Outreach to the Wider World. 

The Trustee is responsible to see that the Kent UU TimeBank functions well and has an effective Administrator. The Kent UU TimeBank Administrator is responsible for insuring that the Church maintains a beneficial relationship with the Kent Community TimeBank.

Approved 4/2012

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