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Care Team Coordinators

Helping Hands Coordinator

  • Is passionate about helping others get practical needs met and engaging people in serving others
  • Maintains a list of helpers for rides, emergency pet care, errands, meals, other needs
  • Coordinates help when a need arises
  • Communicates with the congregation about this ministry on a regular basis
  • Skills- 
    • Communicating
    • Ability to respond to needs quickly and coordinate help
    • Able to track and manage information
    • Able to maintain confidentiality
    • Creating and facilitating Sign-Up Genius

Memorial Services Coordinator

  • Is passionate about the care of those who are grieving and providing a welcoming and caring setting for memorial services and receptions
  • Maintains a database of helpers for memorial services, including reception workers, greeters and ushers, hospitality teams
  • Helps assemble teams for a memorial service
  • Assists minister with coordinating the hospitality aspects of the service
  • Skills-
    • Communicating
    • Good at managing information
    • Strong planning and coordinating skills
    • Able to direct people to do a variety of tasks in a short time
    • Functions well under pressure

Pastoral Care Co-Coordinator

  • Is passionate about building relationships and community and providing spiritual care
  • Leads a team of volunteers who connect with people, especially those who aren’t able to participate in church life as fully.
  • Opportunities for connecting include phone calls, email, Zoom conversations, visits, and other creative ways to connect
  • Informs the minister of pastoral needs
  • Communicates with the congregation about this ministry on a regular basis
  • Skills-
    • Communicating
    • Able to maintain confidentiality
    • Able to train others to provide pastoral care
    • Good at managing information

If you would like to volunteer or are in need of assistance, please speak with the minister.
Contact:  Rev. Steven Protzman        [email protected]

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