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Chalice Lighter Program

The Central East Region Chalice Lighter Grant Program uses the spark of small, regular contributions from individual UU’s to ignite the growth of our UU faith, both in numbers and in justice, compassion, and spirituality. These contributions are pooled to make $20,000 grants available to support the growth of UU congregations of all sizes, groups of congregations with innovative ideas for outreach, and even for the development of new congregations.

Do you want your contributions to light the fire of Unitarian Universalism in the Central Eastern Region? Do it by becoming a Chalice Lighter.

Sign up and respond to calls three times a year from the CER Chalice Lighters Program Committee to support new congregational projects. The suggested commitment is $20 per call or $60 per year, but amounts of any size will help light the flame. You may sign up and pay online or by mail. Three times a year you will receive a reminder and a copy of The Spark, the Chalice Lighter Newsletter highlighting the projects that your contributions make possible.

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