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Equal Exchange Fair Trade Program

Equal Exchange is a Fair Trade cooperative that partners with churches to sell Fair Trade items to their congregations. We have been offering these items for several years now and all proceeds have gone towards supporting our Social Justice initiatives. Purchases made through our Equal Exchange program support small farmers by providing them with higher prices for their products. It also helps farmers to use more sustainable environmental practices. In addition, Equal Exchange has partnered with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and donates to the UUSC based on a percentage of our purchases. So you can see that purchases made thru our Equal Exchange program supports many Social Justice causes. Plus everything tastes wonderful.

We are pleased to offer coffees, teas, olive oil, chocolate bars in many flavors, chocolate chips, as well as cocoa mix and baking cocoa. There is a more extensive on-line catalog as well, and special orders are welcome. To make a purchase from our current stock or to place a special or, please contact the program coordinator.

Contact: Saunis Parsons

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