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Sunday Tech Team

Addition help to support our multi-platform services each week. There are several opportunities and skill levels for involvement. If interested, please contact MaryBeth, [email protected].

  • Greeter: Monitors waiting room, video and audio feeds, Co-host in Zoom
  • Projector: Host in Zoom, Ability to show slides full screen not using webcam, multiple monitors preferred, creates/monitors breakout rooms
  • Director: Changes spotlight in Zoom, mute/unmute if necessary, Co-host in Zoom
  • Recorder: Needs ability to record service to local device (do not interact with Zoom meeting, as local changes in view are recorded). Need 1 to 1.2 GB per service to store raw recording,  Edits and publishes recording to Google drive.
  • Slide Team: Creates Sunday service and announcement slide decks each week.


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