Green Sanctuary Designation

Hi Ho, the Rattlin’ Bog, traditional Irish folk song, performed by the UU Church of Kent Choir

The UUCK is proud of its 2017 accreditation by the UUA as a Green Sanctuary. The church qualified for this designation after completing intensive “green work.” This included the completion of four action plans that centered on an environmental justice project; worship and celebration; religious education; and sustainable living.  A few of the numerous projects were:

  • Food for All, a partnership with Kent Social Services, the Center for Hope, and the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank, seeks to ensure food for all community members in need.
  • Precious Water: Cultivating Awareness and Action, including:
  • Members’ participation in the Cuyahoga River Clean-Up annual event.
  • A fundraiser to support the Kent Bog Preservation (a choir CD, Hi Ho, The Rattlin’ Bog).
  • Conducting FrogWatch Workshops and Certifications.
  • A Sunday Service Time for All Ages Story: The life cycle of a plastic water bottle; since then, the UUCK has been selling re-useable water bottles.
  • Planning a rain garden system for the area around our new building.
  • Sunday Services focusing on environmental justice (e.g., Hunger for Justice).
  • Earth Day dinners, which evolved to become a monthly Vegan Potluck.
  • Conducting an Environmental Justice film and group discussion series (e.g., This Changes Everything, Cowspiracy, Dirt, and Fed Up!).
  • Offering a Permaculture course.
  • Creating a permaculture site plan for the UUCK campus.
  • Promoting recycling as part (and the greening) of church events and among UUCK community members.

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