Marches, Rallies, and Protests

Collections of members participated in marches, protests, and rallies in opposition to hate speech and to support issues such as gender equality, the value of science, racial justice, universal health care, and the needs to address the problems of climate change and hunger.  Numerous members participated in marches in various cities including:

  • UU march on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tent city detention center, Phoenix, AZ. (2012)
  • Protest against the death penalty at the Ohio State House.  (2015)
  • Black Lives Matter in Cleveland. (numerous years)
  • March in Cleveland to demand extension of unemployment benefits and SNAP benefits and a living minimum wage. (2015)
  • Climate March in New York City (2015).
  • March for Immigration Reform in Cleveland. (2016)
  • The Women’s March in: Washington, DC; Chicago; Cleveland; Ann Arbor, MI. (2017).  More than 76 representatives of the UUCK participated in Women’s Marches in Washington DC; Chicago; Cleveland; Kent; Los Angeles; Ann Arbor; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; and Geneva, Switzerland. Their participation is captured in a Youtube video developed by a member. 
  • The March for Science in Washington DC, and Cleveland. (2017)
  • The People’s Climate March in Washington, DC. (2017)

In addition, the UUCK financially supported a member to participate in:

  • The 50th anniversary commemoration of the Selma to Montgomery March. (2015)
  • The Mass Moral Monday March for voting rights Winston-Salem, North Carolina. (2015)
  • Democracy Spring, march addressing voter rights, influence of big money in politics, Washington, DC. (2016)

Congregants also participated in local marches and rallies, and conducted vigils to witness for social justice issues, including:

  • Protest for peace at the UUCK.  (2007)
  • Akron rally for universal health care. (2009)
  • Hunger and Crop Walk. (Annual).
  • Charleston, South Carolina AME church vigil.  (2015)
  • The Interfaith Alliance on Reconciliation and Justice March to Spelman Chapel AME Church. (2015)
  • Vigil in response to church burnings. (2016)
  • The Interfaith Alliance on Reconciliation and Justice Hate Speech March and Rally (2016)

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