Recent Social Justice Resolutions

Since the year 2000, the UUCK has passed numerous resolutions to address social and environmental justice issues.  Resolutions were passed to:

  • Declare the UUCK a Welcoming Congregation.  (2003)
  • Oppose the use of torture.  (2006)
  • Demand:  Stop the Darfur Genocide.  (2007)
  • Support a Moratorium on Executions I Ohio. (2005)
  • Support Universal Access to Health Care.  (2008)
  • Support the Kent Community Bill of Rights (to ban fracking).  (2014)
  • Support Immigrant Rights and Kent as a Sanctuary City. (2017)
Lee Brooker, a member of the Kent Citizens for Democracy group, puts ups signs encouraging the declaration of Kent as a sanctuary city. (Click to enlarge)

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