Social Justice Services

Congregants learn about the personal, interpersonal, social, and institutional causes and effects of social injustice, and how to engage in social justice actions and advocacy, across an array of issues via minister and lay-led* Sunday services. Recent services focusing on social justice include:

  • Income inequality (Escalating Inequality, January, 2016; Walking the Walk, January 2016);
  • Food insufficiency (Hunger for Justice*, July, 2016);
  • Environmental justice (with a John Muir Meditation* comprised of photos and writings reflecting his journey; a Time for All Ages Story, The Life Cycle of a Plastic Water Bottle);
  • Acting in ways to create justice (Stepping into Justice*, January, 2017);
  • Racial justice (Still We Dream*, reflecting on the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., January, 2017; Black and Blue*, reflecting on the Charleston, SC Emmanuel AME church mass shooting and highly publicized shootings of unarmed black people at the hands of police, July, 2015); the latter service was followed by a public vigil/demonstration in front of the church.) 
  • Gender equality (Walk the Walk*, reflecting on the Women’s March (January, 2017). 

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