Battery Recycling

Attention congregation!  The battery recycling program is in full swing.  The Portage County Recycle Center no longer accepts batteries, so other options have been located.  Due to the times available for drop off and also due to other restrictions, I have created a bulletin board of information to see if members of the congregation might be able to help disperse our batteries.  If you sign up to take batteries to a recycle center, consider it a trip to also gather up and drop off other hazardous materials around your home.  The battery container is located in the closet downstairs by the elevator.  Please do not put spent rechargeable batteries in the container anymore because not all of the facilities we can use recycle them.  Spent rechargeable batteries can be recycled easily at many retail stores.  Ask for help if you plan to take batteries from our collection container, it can get VERY heavy and is awkward for one person to handle alone.  Be aware that you should not take really large quantities of batteries to some facilities and also be aware that you may need to show ID for proof of residency.  Sincerely, Melissa O’Hara

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