e-nUUs — June 24, 2020

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Headlines from this week’s announcements

  • Sunday Service each week via Zoom!
  • Vespers – Wednesday, June 24
  • Whose Shoes? – Sunday, June 28, 2020
  • Second Sunday Meet & Greet
  • Opportunities for Social Connections in our Church Community
  • Retiree’s Gathering
  • Auction events, rescheduling recommended
  • Conversations around race
  • Equal Exchange Fair-trade sales available
  • June special collect remains open through the end of the month
  • RE News and Program Schedule, including
    • Summer schedule for Parent and Caregiver Meet-ups
    • Saturday RE, What’s happening on 6/20?
    • Youth summer schedule
    • UU Kids Meet-up short summer hiatus
  • Portage Learning Centers – Head Start and Early Head Start
  • UUJO June News
  • Ways to financially support our church, including
    • Text-to-Give
    • Grocery Cards are still available.
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