Pledge Drive 2021

Generosity Campaign Raises $260,000 Towards $300,000 Goal

We would like to share a wonderful quote from Reverend Steven to all of you who share in the care of our beloved community,

“I have good news and bad news. The good news is ….. we have all of the funds that we need for next year’s budget, ensuring that the cost of running Hobbs Hall is fully covered, that our opportunity for newly expanded programming will be adequately funded, and that our staff will receive a small cost of living increase, along with covering a 10% increase in health insurance costs effective this July.  The bad news is …… $40,000 of that money is still out there in your pockets.”

We raised a lot of money during this campaign, but we need your further help in order to meet our budget goal for FY22. The plain truth is that it is going to take more money than we’ve raised thus far. This is an historic year as we prepare to open Hobbs Hall, a dream we’ve had for many years for expanded facilities so that we are better equipped to carry on our historic legacy and embrace our potential for connection, service, programming, and outreach. As Rev. Steven mentioned in a sermon recently, this substantial addition to our facilities will allow us to offer expanded ministries that will sustain our own community and the community at large, but it means additional operating costs that include more staff hours and utility and maintenance expenses.

We’ve not done this in several years, but we feel that this historical year warrants a second ask by the Generosity Team.

  • Do you have room in your budget to increase your giving by $7/week?… $30/month?
  • Are you able to increase your annual pledge by 1%?… 2%… 5%?
  • Can you give a one time donation of $100.. $200…. $500…. that will help us through this transition year of opening Hobbs Hall?
  • If you’ve not made a pledge and want to be part of this historic time, please do so,

Thank you for considering our appeal. Please e-mail your information for your gift, a new pledge, or an addition to your pledge to MaryBeth at [email protected].

We are on the verge of a new era in the 155 year history of the UU Church of Kent. Let’s start this new chapter together fully funded and ready to serve our congregation and our community!

Thank you for your generosity and support of UUCK!
The Generosity Team: Kay Eckman, Claudia Miller, Marion Yeagler, and Rev. Steven

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