Inclement Weather

Though we are unlikely to need to cancel Sunday services entirely (Rev. Melissa, our minister, and Hal Walker, our music director, live within walking distance), we may choose to have only the second service if the weather or the roads warrant a delay.  It is more likely that we may need to cancel our religious education program in inclement weather as our Director of Religious Education, Karen Lapidus, and many of our volunteer teachers and advisors drive some distance to get to church.

If the weather or the condition of the roads cause you to wonder whether we are proceeding with our programming as scheduled, please check for cancellations before you head out.

You can check in one of three places:

  • the church’s website,
  • our church’s Facebook page,
  • tune in to any television or radio station connected with iAlert.

Listed below are the TV stations, radio stations and websites that i-Alert notifies this year:

Television Station powered by iAlert

WKYC-TV Channel 3

Radio Stations powered by iAlert

Newsradio WTAM 1100, AMWMVX, Mix 106.5 FM
WMJI, Magic 105.7 FMWGAR, My Country 99.5 FM
WAKS, KISS 96.5 FMWMMS, 100.7 FM Cleveland’s Rock Station
WHLO, 640 AMWKDD, 98.1 FM
RADIO FREE OHIO 1350 AM90.3 WCPN ideastream
WCRF, 103.3 FMWCLV, 104.9 FM

Websites that use iAlert 

WKYC Severe Weather Website