June 2013 Sermon Topics

2 June          Happiness is …………

Religious Education Sunday and Flower Ceremony – This annual multigenerational worship service is the time for our RE program to shine!  Join us as each class presents a special learning from this past church year.  We will honor our volunteer teachers, award Boy Scouts with the emblem they have earned and bridge our high school seniors into young adulthood.  Please bring a cut flower or two or three for the Flower Ceremony.


9 June          Here’s to Happiness!

One service @10:00 am  

Rev. Melissa Carvill-Ziemer, Director of Religious Education Karen Lapidus and Worship Associate Bonnie Harper Our annual outdoor worship service and picnic will be at Plum Creek Park in Kent (which is at the intersection of Cherry Street and Mogadore Road).  We will be meeting at Pavilion #2 for one service only at 10:00 am.  Our service will be fully multigenerational; the whole community is invited to worship and play together.
Please bring a lawn chair (and maybe an extra to share), a dish to share at the picnic following the service, your own place setting, any games you would like to play during the picnic and anything else you will need to be comfortable.  And remember, we will have one service only beginning at 10:00 am!


16 June           That All Should Be Well  

Rev. Melissa Carvill-Ziemer and Worship Associate Sophie Smith – Dorothea Dix was a leading Unitarian reformer of the 19th century.  She worked for improved conditions in prisons and especially for improved treatment and accommodations for people living with mental illness.  This morning we’ll look at her work through the lens of Hosea Ballou’s theology of happiness and consider what we might learn from both for our own time.


23 June            A Tired Puppy is a Happy Puppy        

Kristina Spaude and Worship Associate Lori McGee – My partner has said this phrase dozens of times in the last few years, and it’s become a mantra of sorts for me. During this service we are going to use this phrase as a lens through which we can understand sources of happiness and explore how we can invite happiness into our lives. While there is no key to happiness, there are many opportunities for it if we are open to them.

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