Family Movie Night, March 23rd,7 P.M. to 9 p.m.(+)

kids watching space patrolOur March 23rd family movie is a collection of Star Trek parodies. No, we won’t show any actual Star Trek, but we will show famous take offs on Star Trek, like the legendary seventies spoof Quark, “Where no Fan has gone Before” from Futurama, plus the movie serials that inspired the t.v. show, Captain Video and Buck Rogers. Unfortunately,we can not show our planned movie, Galaxy Quest, due to copyright issues .This just leaves us more time for Star Trek parodies and inspirations. These will include “Space Patrol”,which is often called “The Star Trek of the Fifties”,animated cartoons, and much more. This is a potluck affair, while some food will be provided, please bring in your favorite dishes.

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