Weekly e-nUUs – January 18th

Spiritual Cinema will meet tonight, Jan. 18th in Fessenden Hall at 7:30 P.M.  Our movie will be “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”.  This is an R-rated movie; teens are welcome with parental consent.  After the film we will have a short discussion of the ideas within it.  Light snacks will be provided  .If you have any questions contact Cheryl Spoehr


Budget Submissions for the next Fiscal Year   – The deadline to submit your budget requests for FY2013 is quickly approaching.  Please see below.                                                         

TO:   All committee chairs, program directors, staff members, and others with budgetary authority.

FROM:  Gene Wenninger, chairperson, Finance Committee

SUBJECT:  Budget submissions for next Fiscal Year. Please submit to MaryBeth, Church Administrator by paper or email, [email protected]  before February 1.

The Finance Committee is beginning work on developing the Church budget for Fiscal Year 2013, which begins on July 1 of 2012.  We need your input as we begin this process.  As you know, our fiscal aspirations have exceeded our fiscal resources the past few years.  We expect this to hold true this next year.  Therefore, based upon your experience or that of your predecessor we ask for your best estimates as follows:

  1.  Dollars needed to meet the minimum (bare-bones) needs of your committee, program or office.
  2.  Dollars needed to sustain the work of, or charge to, your committee, program or office at a level between bare-bones and optimal.
  3.  You might also list below a project, program, or function with a dollar estimate that might be considered for possible separate fund-raising if the opportunity arises next year.


If a figure is not submitted, the Committee will work from the current year’s budget and  expenditure records.  Thanks for your cooperation with this very important request.


January 22, 2012  Sunday Services:  The Forest and the Trees  

Led by: Rev. Melissa Carvill-Ziemer and Worship Associate Kathy Kerns

When a person is so tangled up with details that they can’t see the big picture, people often say that person can’t see the forest for the trees. On this morning our services will playfully consider what it takes to see clearly.


Training For New Website

Our new website runs a powerful but simple technology called “WordPress” designed to empower leaders of the church to easily update the website themselves.  It is about as easy to use as email and includes the ability for each committee to have their own “blog” within the site. This Sunday Dan Flippo from the web team will provide training on how to post and update information on the website after second service in the Annex. All board and committee leaders are invited to attend.  We are hoping to train as many people as possible over the next month so that our website can serve as a key communication tool for the congregation.  We have identified a number of people to maintain different pages on the website and will begin sending out usernames and passwords shortly via email.

The web team will be offering additional dates and times for the training. However, if you are unable to attend or if you would like to learn more about WordPress, you can also visit the WordPress Online Tutorial.  This tutorial is also includes details on how someone can create their own blog using WordPress but most of the information also applies to our site.

Please contact Dan Flippo at [email protected] or Jen May if you have any questions about the website or the training.



Amid the recent seasonal festivities the Social Justice Social Hour I proposed to take place during second service got OBE.  No, not an Out-of-Body-Experience , or even the Order of the British Empire (though we can always hope) but an old military term “Overtaken By Events.”

I’d like to try again, beginning 11:15  this Sunday January 15, in Fessenden Hall.

These will be informal friendly discussions – no programmed topics, agendas or speakers — about how we as churches, communities and social entities deal with issues of common justice and the common good.

I plan to facilitate – not lead – explorations of ideas of both substance and process. We won’t be limited to certain topics, nor excused from controversial ones. We will tackle timely and difficult issues – drone killings, campaign practices, WikiLeaks, abortion, gun control, sexual abuse, nuclear energy & weapons, predatory capitalism.

My hope is that these discussions may help us get to know one another and our priorities, generate conviviality and solidarity within the church, and create a little more focus and direction on the moral, political, economic and environmental parameters of the justice and injustice we face as a church and as citizens of a world community.

See the December Chalice Flame for more details.

Caroline Arnold


Coffee Hour Challenge and Opportunity
Marion Yeagler has done a wonderful job coordinating coffee hour for the past couple of years.  In addition to her coordination role, Marion has also been setting up for coffee hour on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month.   Thanks to her generosity of spirit and hard work, we have been able to offer a warm and lively social hour as part of our Sunday morning hospitality.   However, Marion has decided the time has come for her to step down from her coffee hour coordination position effective the first of February.

Appeals have been made for someone to volunteer to make coffee on the Sundays Marion covers as well as to assume the coffee hour coordination role.  Unless we have some additional volunteers, we will not be able to have coffee hour on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of each month.   Ann Waters sets up on the 1st Sunday, and Dan Hayes on the 3rd Sunday of each month, for which we are grateful.  If you are interested in the possibility of taking one Sunday a month (or even every other month) and want to know more about what it entails, you are welcome to talk to Ann or Dan.  We welcome individuals, families or even small groups to volunteer to serve in this way together.

If you think you might be interested in taking on the role of coffee hour coordinator, please speak with Trustee for Fellowship Julie Lineburgh or the Rev. Melissa Carvill-Ziemer.  We’d be glad to help you consider if this might be a good way for you to serve our beloved community.  In addition, Marion has offered to train the new coordinator; this would not be reinventing the wheel!

The coffee hour cleanup schedule has been made through May.  Will you be the person to help us make sure there is something for them to clean up?


Big Changes in Our Nursery Promote Comfort and Safety

Due to our recent baby boom, we now need more space for the nursery.  The Library Committee has graciously allowed us to expand into their former space (the library is now housed in Founders’ Lounge).  This will help us eliminate the crowded conditions and allow us to better care for our littlest Unitarian Universalists.  Please stop in before or after the services to admire the spaciousness!


A Chance To Live Your Values!

The Coming Of Age program at the Kent UU church challenges 8th, 9th and 10th graders to begin the important passage into adulthood through discussion and activities.  As one of their activities the group is going to prepare and serve a meal for Kent Social Services.  They need donations to purchase food items.  Randy Leeson will be manning a table in Fessenden Hall during coffee hour on January 22, and 29.  He will graciously receive your donations for this wonderful growing opportunity.


Art in the Sanctuary

We can still use one or two exhibits for this February through April.  May is a month when RE art is displayed. If there is anyone who would like to do an art or craft exhibit, who knows of an artist who would be willing to exhibit or who has a collection of art they would be willing to show, contact John Kluth.


The annual UU Chili Cook Off is coming January 29th.  Cooks can register their chili in one of four different categories:  best meat, best vegetarian, most exotic, and hottest.  Cooks want to remember that having enough food for people will allow people to vote for your chili.  If you come to eat, adults are $5 and children 10 and under are $3.  That will get you a ballot and the opportunity to sample as many chilies as you want.  There will also be chips and sauces available as well as drinks.


Peter and the Wolf Puppet Show will be presented on January 29th in the Sanctuary at 2:45 pm, following the Chili Cook-off.   Come see this classic tale brought to life by Heidrun Hultgren  Donations will  benefit the UU Church of Kent.


New UU class scheduled

Whether you are new to the UU Church of Kent or you have been here awhile, you are encouraged to attend the class that will be held on Sunday, February 5 from 9 to 11 am.  We will meet at the Annex, the yellow house next to the church.

If you are contemplating membership with us, the information you receive in this class may answer many of your questions.  We share information about the history of Unitarian Universalism in general, and the UU Church of Kent in particular.

All are welcome and you may drop in if you like, but if you know that you are attending or if you have any questions, please contact Claudia Miller or Marion Yeagler.


UUCK 6th Annual “Soup”er Bowl

Sunday, Feb. 5 is the date for our annual “soup”er bowl to collect cans of hearty soup (as well as chili, stew & ravioli) and cash/coin for Kent Social Services. Please bring your cans and all your spare change that you’ve saved during January on Sunday, Feb. 5 and look for the football themed table in Fessenden Hall – before, between and after services. Make a donation and enter to win a pot of homemade soup of your choice from Creative Cuisine. It’s a win-win game!

Questions? E-mail Coach Bowen at [email protected].


New or not, do you know your niche?

Come learn more about the various ways to get involved and find your way at UUCK!

Join us on February 12th for a coffee chat with your trustee for fellowship (Julie Lineburgh)  and trustee for programming (Cheryl Spoehr).

There will be a fun presentation for ways to get involved and a Q and A session for all your burning questions.

All are welcome!  We hope to see you there!


The Book Group will be meeting on Tuesday, February 14 at 7 pm in the home of Betty Kendrick, 175 Graham Rd. Apt. 12, Cuyahoga Falls. This month we are reading Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks. In 1665, a young man from Martha’s Vineyard became the first Native American to graduate from Harvard College. Upon this slender factual scaffold, the author has created a luminous tale of love and faith, magic and adventure. In April we will be reading the book Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghesse. If you have any questions you may contact Bonnie Harper.

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