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Sunday, March 4, 2012  The Way Gratitude Wears

Led by The Rev. Melissa Carvill-Ziemer and Worship Associate Dani Beale –

Have you ever considered the way gratitude wears?  I mean the way you wear gratitude in your heart and mind, body and spirit; the way gratitude wears a way to generosity. This morning we will celebrate the many gifts bestowed by the practice of gratitude.


Children’s Choir will rehearse with Becky Haines this Sunday, March 4 in the sanctuary from 10:40 until 11:10.  Children younger than 5 must be accompanied by an adult.  This is a great time for children to join the choir!


Artist Reception, March 4th

Kent photographer and journalist and frequent UU visitor Debra-Lynn Hook will complement our theme for the month of March with a collection entitled “Portraits in Gratitude” in the sanctuary.  Debra-Lynn, a former newspaper reporter, honed her photography skills doing studio work and with a scattering of photojournalism classes, but mostly by watching photojournalists at work. Debra-Lynn is also a syndicated columnist, the mother of three and the wife of KSU poli sci chair and professor Dr. Steven W. Hook. Please help us show our gratitude by attending a reception in the sanctuary (until 3:30 p.m.) for Debra-Lynn immediately following the second service.


The Social Justice Committee will hold its monthly meeting on Sunday, March 4th  in the Eldredge Annex immediately following second service. We are currently working on issues like fracking and various issues of economic justice. All are invited to attend as we embark on the important work of striving to make a difference. We hope that you will consider joining us in this journey to walk our faith and put words into action. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sally Burnell, Social Justice chairman.


Concerned Citizens Ohio is collecting signatures of Kent residents in support of an ordinance to ban horizontal hydrofracking during coffee hour and after second service today, March 4 and March 11.  Information handouts are available.



Join us in Fessenden Hall during second service for informal discussions about how we as churches, communities and social entities deal with issues of common justice and the common good.  These are free-wheeling explorations of ideas about both substance and process. We aren’t limited to certain topics, nor excused from controversial ones. We tackle timely and difficult issues –  poverty, fracking, drone killings, campaign practices, WikiLeaks, abortion, gun control, sexual abuse, nuclear energy & weapons, immigration and anything else.  My hope is that these discussions may help us get to know one another and our priorities, generate conviviality and solidarity within the church, and create a little more focus and direction on the moral, political, economic and environmental parameters of the  issues of justice and injustice we face as a church, and as citizens of a world community.

Caroline Arnold


KC Pallone will be available during the coffee hour and after 2nd service in founders lounge on March 4 to answer questions about the new CUUPS group. Please see her with any questions or comments. She will have a sign-up sheet available for those that are interested in learning more about or joining the group. You do not have to be Pagan to join the group and all are welcome. KC will be speaking at the CUUPS potluck dinner on March 9 in Fessenden Hall at 6:30 and more detailed information will be presented at that time. Following the dinner there will be a short Full Moon ritual for those that are interested in joining.  Thank you.


Beth Sholtis funeral  –  The family of Beth Sholtis has announced that her funeral will be held at 2 p.m., March 12th, at Guerriero Funeral Home, 1550 W. 19th St., Ashtabula, with burial to follow in Saint Joseph Cemetery.  Visitation will be from 12 noon until time of service, March 12th, at the funeral home.

We are exploring the possibility of hosting a showing of Beth’s artwork in our sanctuary later this spring.  If you have any pieces of her work that you would be willing to loan for this purpose, please contact John Kluth who will be coordinating the show.

For those that want to send condolence cards, please contact the church office.


Many people have asked how they can best help in the planning of Gordon Vars’ memorial service.

The service is on Saturday March 10, 2012 at 2:00pm with a reception to follow. We are expecting somewhere around 200 people to be attendance.

We are asking people to help by bringing desserts, veggie/fruit trays and cheese and crackers for the reception. We have designed a page on the internet to organize who will be bringing what.

Here is what we need:

One strong and agile person on Friday morning 3/10 to come help hang a banner in the sanctuary and prepare the memorial displays that will be available for viewing during the reception.

Four and six people to serve as ushers for the memorial service itself.

If you are able to help in either of these two ways, please contact Rev. Melissa for more information.

In addition, we will also need:

10-12 people to bring a dozen cookies or a dozen brownies (Gordon loved brownies!)

10-12 people to bring a vegetable tray

10-12 people to bring a fruit tray or fruit salad

10-12 people to bring crackers and cheese

To sign up, please visit:  http://www.takethemameal.com/meals.php?t=SGOB7798

There are other jobs as well if cooking isn’t something you’d like to do. We also need people to set up and clean up the hall, make coffee and assist with parking. We also need someone to shop for cups, plates, napkins and beverages (you will be reimbursed). If you are interested in helping in these other ways please contact us.

If you have any questions please feel free to message or call us; Colleen Thoele or Swanny Voneida.

Thank you!!


The Book Group will be meeting on Tuesday, March 13, at 7 pm in the home of Betty Kendrick.  Thank you, Betty for helping us out this winter with an accessible place to meet.  Those attending should bring a snack to share.

We have been reading fairly serious/heavy novels in recent months.  We decided on a fun, light book for March. We will be reading Home to Woefield by Susan Juby. Prudence Burns, a well-intentioned New Yorker full of back-to-the-land ideals, just inherited Woefield Farm–thirty acres of scrubland, dilapidated buildings, and one half-sheared sheep. But the bank is about to foreclose, so Prudence must turn things around fast and thus our story.

In April we will be reading the book Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghesse. If you have any questions you may contact Bonnie Harper.


Celtic Clan of Kent Concert.

Come to a family friendly Concert of traditional and contemporary Irish folk music to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Saturday, 17 March, 7 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent

Visit us at Facebook to hear some tunes. Tickets at the door: $7 Adults, children under 12 free. This is a fun fundraiser for the church.  Contact for information: Trish McLoughlin.


The middle school youth have been learning about justice this year as a part of their curriculum “Heeding the Call: Qualities of a Justicemaker.”  Using the democratic process—and with concern for the interdependent web of existence—they have chosen a social responsibility project for the rest of the year.

Inspired by a video by rapper Jay Z, they have decided to raise money and awareness for the human right to water.  They are planning to make items out of duct tape and sell them…the proceeds going to help the global water crisis.

What we need from you: 

  • If you have duct tape you would like to donate (the more colorful, the better!) please contact Karen Lapidus, or drop it off in the Middle School classroom.  (1st room to your right, upstairs classroom level)
  • Watch for the duct tape and other fundraisers to help support this noble cause!

Thank you!
The Middle School Class and Teachers


“There’s Always Room for Pie!”

Now, honestly, who doesn’t love a good piece of pie?  Cake is great, but isn’t pie even better?  We’re smiling in anticipation as we appeal to your sweet tooth to get involved in our pie-themed 2012 Kent UU stewardship campaign.  Of course we’ll soon be asking for your pledges, too, but our first request is for your favorite pie recipes–apple, custard, coconut cream, pecan–we want them all!

Please join us as we start getting our ingredients together–send pie recipes to the church office, [email protected]     Hope to hear from you soon!

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