Social Justice Discussion Reminder, Sundays @ 11:15 AM

How do we as  individuals, churches,  and communities deal with issues of common justice, compassion, and the common good?   Join us in the Fair Trade coffee corner of Fessenden Hall during second service for an informal exploration of both substance and process of those ideas. We aren’t limited to certain topics, nor excused from controversial ones. We tackle timely and difficult issues –  poverty, fracking, drone killings, campaign practices, WikiLeaks, abortion, gun control, sexual abuse, nuclear energy & weapons, immigration and other issues of justice and compassion. These discussions help us get to know one another and our priorities, generate conviviality and solidarity, and create a little more focus and direction on the moral, political, economic and environmental parameters of the  issues of justice and injustice we face as a church, and as citizens of a world community.

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