Tupperware Party – Church Fundraising Event

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You may have heard, the church is hosting a Tupperware Fundraiser this Sunday, May 6th at 12:30pm in Fessenden Hall.  The fundraiser will remain open for one week so you can look at the latest catalog and show it to family & friends and collect orders.  But, if you can’t make it that day, or know someone who may need some Tupperware and doesn’t attend our church, you or they can shop our fundraiser online!

Click here if you are interested in looking at the newest Tupperware products, once the page is open click on the pink link that says: Shop at this party online! , it’s on the left side after my name, Meg.

If you find you need anything and order from our website our church will earn 25% of the sale!  The party ends on May 13th and any orders placed online will be shipped to you directly within a few days.

Thanks for looking and feel free to pass this information along to anyone and everyone you think might also like to look at what’s new with Tupperware these days!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me via the Church Office:  [email protected]

Thanks again,



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