Weekly e-nUUs – August 29, 2012

Frack-Free Kent is having a public meeting at 7pm on August 30th at the UU Church of Kent to re-energize our efforts to stop hydrofracking in Kent. We have discovered a lease has been signed with an oil and gas company near the Longcoy school (encompassing the VFW property). This location is near enough to downtown Kent, a residential neighborhood, and a school to cause worry on the air quality level alone. If this concerns you, please plan on attending and consider what role you can play in this effort!


New time for church, new opportunity for social hour!

On September 2, 2012, our Sunday service schedule will change and our first service will begin at 10:00 am.  In light of this change, we are looking at new opportunities for social time to complement the traditional coffee hour held between services.  One such opportunity is designed with the early risers in mind: Breakfast!  Beginning September 2, we will be offering a light breakfast at 9:15 each Sunday morning, prior to the 10:00 am service.


The EARLY BIRD BREAKFAST social hour will begin at 9:15 and will include a light breakfast of muffins, fruit, cheese, scrambled eggs, and hot beverages served in Fessenden Hall.  (Of course, the hour will end after 40 minutes, leaving 5 minutes to go upstairs and settle in for the 10:00 am service.)  Suggested donation: Full breakfast –  $5.00; beverage and muffin or fruit – $3.00; beverage – $1.00.


Sunday, September 2   Volunteering Abroad: One Woman’s Experience

Led by Joanne Nussbaum and Worship Associate Joel Slater – Join us as Joanne shares her Peace Corps Mongolia experience.


RE Classes Resumes on Sunday

We return to our usual Sunday morning procedures (although the service times will be changed to 10:00 and 11:30 am) on September 2nd.  There will be the Time for All Ages for children in grades 1-5 at the 10:00 am service and for children who attend the Chalice Theatre class (mainly school-aged children) during the 11:30 worship service.  Children should begin the service with their families in the sanctuary.  The children in Spirit Play and both the Middle School and High School youth will start the RE sessions in their classrooms.  Nursery care is for little ones is available at both services.


Registration for RE Runs Through September

The 2012-2013 RE Registration forms will be available on a “self-service table” in Founders’ Lounge.  Every baby, child and youth must be registered each church year.  Please leave the completed forms in the marked box or hand them to Karen Lapidus, Director of Religious Education.


Choir Open House – UUCK Choir is moving to Wednesday nights!

Wednesday, September 5 at 7 pm

Hal’s House  131 S. Chestnut St  Kent, OH

RSVP to Hal please.


We’re updating the UU Church of Kent’s Database

We are asking that everyone please visit the following link to the Church’s website to update their contact information so we may bring our database current and provide you with a more accurate Church Directory.  The information form with only take a few minutes to complete and we very much appreciate your participation!  Just click on the following linki to update your records today:  //kentuu.org/about-us/update-church-records/


Photos Needed for New Directory

The new church directory is being assembled, and we would like to include a photo of you.   Yes, you!  The directory will be a PDF file sent to you and unavailable online, so your photo will be seen only by other members and friends.  I prefer to use a photo you supply, but I will take your photo if you wish.  Guidelines for submitting photos are –

  • Files need to be of size 200 K or larger and JPG, RAW, or DNG filetype.
  • If the photo is of one person, a head shot is best, but I will also accept torso (from the waist up) shots.
  • If the photo is of more than one person, the heads of the people need to be grouped together. The photo in the directory will be square, so pick a photo in which the heads will easily fit into a square.
  • Faces must be in focus, well lit, and easily recognizable.
  • Photos must be submitted by the end of September

For people who want me to photo them – I can take your photo at church during coffee hour any September Sunday, or I can photo you during the week. MaryBeth at our office can schedule you between 5:00 and 8:00 pm on one of the following dates: September 10, 12, 17 or 18.  Hours available would be from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on each day.  I’m willing to schedule another time if you really, really, really can’t make one of the above dates.

Thanks, Brad Bolton


Volunteer for the easiest job in the Church
Would you like to get to know our church family better?  Have you wanted to get a little more involved, but not overwhelmed?  Serving as a greeter/usher is a commitment of about an hour and a half once a month, during a service that you would probably attend anyway.  Our greeters are the face of our church on Sunday morning and go a long way toward making the congregation and our guests alike feel more welcome.

We have lost eight greeters from our volunteer pool during the last scheduling cycle, so your help would be most appreciated.  Please consider joining the ranks and contact Marion Yeagler.  I can find a slot for YOU on the October thru January schedule!


Help us showcase our church on Sept 14-15
The UU Church of Kent is hosting the last retreat of the three year Growth and Vitality effort.  Will you help us make our church welcoming to our visitors?  There will be about 40 attendees from around the district.  We will need help with breakfast and lunch on Saturday the 15th.  We will also need a few people to provide ‘home hospitality’ on Friday, the 14th, that is, would you be able to put up an overnight guest or two?

If you are willing to help with a meal or can host someone overnight, please contact Marion Yeagler.


Fall Walden Update

An educational/interpretive visit to the Jennings Environmental Educational Center has been scheduled for 10:00 am on Saturday, Sept. 22.  Jennings was the first reserve established in Pennsylvania to protect an individual  plant species (blazing star).  The park contains a 20-acre prairie ecosystem which is home to distinctive prairie plants and the endangered massasauga rattlesnake.  This is the only public and protected prairie in the Commonwealth.  Our  tentative guide is a member of the Slippery Rock UU congregation.

Hopefully, this program will provide an appreciation and understanding of the area as we pursue our individual activities.  Scheduling this event in the morning will allow those not staying Saturday night plenty of time to return home.

Ed Stolish


Treva Adams has moved.  If you wish to contact her, please call the Church Office for information.


Mark your calendars now for the most exciting social event and and fundraiser of the year for the UU Church of Kent. It’s the evening of Saturday, November 3.  You’ll be hearing a lot about it for the next two months.  There is something for everyone.  The price of admission will give you food, non-alcoholic drinks, the chance to mingle with old and new friends, the chance to bid in the silent auction, and, the most exciting part, the verbal auction!

Start thinking about what you would like to donate to the auction.  In addition to items from artwork to canning supplies and themed baskets, events are also donated.  Past donations have included trips to museums, garden tours, jewelry-making classes, painting classes, home maintenance, pans of lasagna, kettles of soup, and ,of course, the ever popular dinners.  Dinners can be hosted either in your home or at the church. It’s a great way to meet people and socialize outside of your normal circle.

Many volunteers will be needed to help stage this event.  Right now we need someone to help Sandy Bowers coordinate donations from the congregation.  We also need someone to chair the food and drink for the evening. and the good news is it’s not all cooking!  If you can help with either of these, please contact Meg Milko.  As time goes on we will ask for help with smaller jobs both before and during the Auction.

So, put it on your calendar now!  I hope to see you there!
Upcoming Art in the Sanctuary

We are looking for an art exhibit for the sanctuary for the month of November and another for January.  Contact John Kluth ([email protected]) if you are interested in exhibiting your art or photography or  know of someone who would like to have an exhibit in our church.


Upcoming Dates – Check the Sunday Thread from the Web for more information!

  • The Book Group will be meeting on Tuesday, September 11 at 7 PM
  • September Spiritual Cinema – Creation: How Darwin Saw the World and Changed It Forever on Saturday, September 15 at 7 PM
  • Friday, September 14, 2012 @ 8 PM – The Kent UU Music Committee and the Cuyahoga River Concert Series are excited to present a benefit concert for the UUCK’s choir fund.
  • The Sistine Chapel: A Presentation and Movie on the Cleaning of the Sistine Chapel – Sunday, September 16 at 1 PM in Fessenden Hall
  • Celtic Clan to play for the KSU Folk Festival’s Folk Around Town – September 21, 2012, 7 PM @ the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent
  • Ministry Fair: Living Our Mission! – September 23rd after second service


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