That Thanks 4 Giving Auction

Hello? Hello?  Is this thing on?  OH there you are!

Hi, it’s that time of year again.  We are gearing up for our Thanks 4 Giving Auction and we are Calling all Volunteers!

Are you curious about this Thanks 4 Giving Auction you’ve been hearing about?  Do you want to know more about it?  Do you have some time and the inclination to help out?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then we want you!  To volunteer for the Thanks 4 Giving Auction that is!

We are gearing up and we can’t do it alone.  We need able bodies and minds to help us prepare and set up for this gala.  Can you set up tables and chairs?  GREAT we have an up”lifting” job for you.  Can you bake a dessert?  GREAT we have a yummy job for you.  Can you pick up food the day before or the day of the auction?  GREAT we have a job that will be right up your alley…or Acorn Alley!  Can you sell tickets at Sunday coffee hour?  GREAT the Thanks 4 Giving Auction tickets sell faster then the pancakes at pancake breakfast!  Can you help clear off silent auction tables when they close?  Great but keep it on the down low…it’s silent after all!  Can you use a computer and check in guests at the Thanks 4 Giving Auction?  GREAT we’ve got your number…well actually we don’t that’s why we are asking for it now!  Give us your number, your email, your name and any and all ways to reach you and we will put you to work!

AND the best part is you can attend the Thanks 4 Giving Auction for FREE.  Yes you heard us…FREE!

Volunteer jobs fill up quickly, so let us know right away if you are interested in helping out and having lots fun in the process.  Please contact Trish McLoughlin, Auction volunteer coordinator.

Meg Milko

Thanks 4 Giving Auction Chair

P.S.  We need baskets for people to package their donations in for the auction.  Please drop them off on Sunday’s at the Thanks 4 Giving Auction table in Fessenden Hall. 

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