A peace of my mind l American Stories – Sunday, February 24 @ 1:15 pm

A peace of my mind imageA peace of my mind: American Stories

exploring the meaning of peace, one story at a time


Award-winning photographer and author John Noltner has spent the past three years exploring the meaning of peace. Amidst culture wars and political battles, Noltner has asked the question: “What does peace mean to you?” to over fifty ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Their answers have opened up a unique dialogue that illuminates the common good that connects us.

Founded in 2009, A Peace of My Mind is a multimedia art project that fosters public dialogue about issues related to conflict resolution, civic responsibility, and peace. With black and white portraits and oral histories, participants describe what peace means to them, how they work toward it in their lives, and some of the obstacles they encounter.

A Peace of My Mind shares the stories of Holocaust survivors and a homeless man, a Somali refugee and a military chaplain, a pottery instructor and an oil company executive. Artists, volunteers, politicians, and business leaders all share their insights and inspiring stories in a series that celebrates our common experience and sense of community.

With images, music, readings, and public dialogues, A Peace of My Mind empowers communities to collectively examine the ways we categorize one another and how we can bridge our differences by sharing stories. Using this model, A Peace of My Mind was presented at the 2011 Peace and Justice Studies Association National Conference and at the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

In 2011, A Peace of My Mind produced a book from the series with a foreword written by Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter, Ela Gandhi. The book earned first prize in the Midwest Book Awards and second prize in the Independent Publishers’ Book Awards.

A Peace of My Mind is an ongoing documentary project. Noltner continues to gather new interviews from across the country for his second series, A Peace of My Mind: American Stories.


The exhibit will be on display:    Sunday, February 24, 2013

     1:15 pm in the Sanctuary

     Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent

     228 Gougler Avenue, Kent, OH 44240

     For more information, please visit  apeaceofmymind.net or email [email protected]

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