Beloved Community, Beloved Earth Workshop – Saturday, October 19

holding the earth9 AM to 1 PM

Breakfast and lunch provided

Free will donation to cover the cost of food

Leader:  Rev. George Buchanan

We face many challenges as we work to sustain ourselves, build stronger communities, and heal our Beloved Earth. Some of these challenges are local, such as hydraulic fracturing; others are more global, including carbon dioxide pollution, drought, and rising sea levels. In this workshop, we consider new and creative ways to sustain our spirits in the face of these challenges. Our focus will be on vision and orientation rather than taking on “one more task.” How do we define our positive vision for our Beloved Earth? How can we be strong and resilient over the long haul?  What are the ideas, tools, and resources we need to sustain us?


All members and friends of Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent are welcome, including high school youth.  Maximum 25 attendees – first come, first served.


Please contact the office to register by Sunday, October 13.  Childcare will be available at no charge, however children must be registered prior to the workshop.  With this we will be able to plan for the food and the necessary childcare workers.

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