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Worship & Music  


Sunday services are offered at 9:45 and 11:30 AM.


April 27 – Sowing Seeds of Justice and Growing Community

Led by Matthew McHale, Intern Minister, West Shore UU Church and Worship Associate Justin Czekaj –  This spring, as signs of new life and new possibilities emerge all around us, we consider our  relationship to one another and to the environment which sustains all life on this planet. Can planting a garden be a radical act? How can the way we grow and eat food help create communities that align with our liberal religious values—promoting justice and honoring the interconnected web of existence?

From the Library

Rev. Melissa’s references for her Easter Sunday homilies were taken from two different sources.

For those who want to learn more about Malala, an excellent article may be found at http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-24379018

Dr. Cornel West has stated, “never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” One source that provides a good introduction to what that means to him in practical terms is an interview he and two other theologians gave on the Bill Moyers show called “Faith and Justice”:   http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/07032009/transcript1.html


Lifespan Learning


The Youth Sunday worship service will happen at both services on Sunday, May 4th.  The high school youth have chosen “Letting Go” as their theme.  They have created a worship experience filled with story, music, readings and homilies that is sure to inspire and enlighten.


Community Within


Attention All Leaders and Committee Chairs

All Annual Reports to be included in the Annual Meeting packet are due May 1, 2014. Please submit or email reports to MaryBeth at [email protected]. Annual Meeting packets will be available to the congregation on May 14. The Annual Congregational Information Meeting is scheduled for May 28 @ 7 PM and the Voting Meeting will be held on June 1 @ 12:30 PM.

Congregational Meeting Postponed to April 27

The Building Expansion Team postponed the meeting between services to from April 20 to April 27.  The purpose of the meeting is to invite you to engage with an expansion project survey that will help guide the members of the Building Expansion Team in discussion with the architects.

Surprise Friends

Don’t forget your Surprise Friend this week! Bring your surprise (a note, a piece of artwork, etc.) and leave it on the Surprise Friends table in Fessenden Hall.


The  Food for Thought group would like to thank all those who contributed to our wonderful Easter Sunday coffee hour. After Rev. Melissa’s inspiring homilies and Hal’s wonderful celebratory music, the “groaning table” and the sustained fellowship we enjoyed together in Fessenden Hall made the morning especially memorable. We are fortunate, indeed to be a part of this generous congregation.  Anyone interested in joining this group may contact Claudia Miller.


New UU Classes in May!

Curious?  Interested in learning more?  Ready to take the next step?

Our New UU classes cover everything you wanted to know about the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent in particular and Unitarian Universalism in general, but didn’t know where to go or whom to ask.  Well, maybe not everything, but we try to give you an overview, a starting point.  Some history of both, some organizational details. Come join the conversation.  And, if you’re curious about membership, this is the place to be.

Part 1 will be on Sunday, May 4th, from 9-11 am. Part 2 will be on Sunday, May 18th, from 9-11 am.  You may attend one or both, although attendance at both is encouraged.  Different topics will be covered in each.  We will gather at the Annex, the yellow house next to the church.

If you have any questions, contact Claudia Miller  or Marion Yeagler.


The Patricia Pownall UU Book Group will be meeting on Tuesday, May 13 at 7 pm in the home of Trish Kwartler.  This month we are reading Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. Let the Great World Spin is the critically acclaimed author’s most ambitious novel yet: a dazzlingly rich vision of the pain, loveliness, mystery, and promise of New York City in the 1970s. Elegantly weaving together seemingly disparate lives, McCann’s powerful allegory comes alive in the unforgettable voices of the city’s people, unexpectedly drawn together by hope, beauty, and the “artistic crime of the century.” A sweeping and radical social novel, it captures the spirit of America in a time of transition, extraordinary promise, and, in hindsight, heartbreaking innocence. In June we will be reading Cloud Cover by Margo Milcetich. If you have any questions you may contact Bonnie Harper.  All are welcome.


Due to a lapse in security, the doors codes have been changed.  All previous codes were purged and deactivated.  If you are in need of a code for the Church and/or Annex, please contact the office with your request.


Outreach and Social Justice


Dinner for the Earth

Friday, April 25th, 6pm in Fessenden Hall

Join us for a Potluck Dinner to eat delicious food and learn from each other.  Everyone should bring a dish and share the story of their food, as sharing a meal and our stories helps us care for the living Earth with reverence and gratitude.  Our goal is to share and respect each other’s food decisions, if that is good home cookin’ like my Mama’s, or nutritionally exact FDA certified food, or organic/local/seasonal/artisanal fare.  Whether plant-based or paleo, home grown or store bought – all are welcome.

Contact Andrew Rome for additional details!


Amphibians are declining globally and their disappearance is likely to have significant impacts on ecosystems. Amphibians are particularly vulnerable to environmental change and contaminants. FrogWatch is a citizen science program of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums that invites individuals and families to learn about the wetlands in their communities and help conserve amphibians by reporting the calls of local frogs and toads. Join us on Tuesday, April 29th, from 6:30-8:30pm for a FrogWatch USA introductory education session led by Cara Constance, PhD and Jennifer Clark, PhD of Hiram College.  The session will be held in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent.

RiverDay Garlic Mustard Pull on Saturday, May 17th, 10am-12pm

Meet at the parking lot at 143 Gougler Ave. across from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent to protect our riverside park from invasive weeds. Contact Andrew Rome for more information.


 Green Sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent presents a free showing of the movie:

Forks Over Knives

 “A film that can save your life” Roger Ebert Chicago-Sun Times

“Great Movie” Mark Bittman, New York Times columnist

 Date:  May 23, 2014

Time:  7 pm

Place: The Sanctuary

Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent

Followed by discussion and healthy snacks

Contact person: Trish McLoughlin


Income Generation


Last Call for FY2015 Pledges

The Finance Committee will meet tomorrow morning, April 24 to set the budget for our next fiscal year beginning July 1.  Below is an announcement that was sent last week detailing the results of the current stewardship campaign.  If you would like to make a pledge or consider an increase in pledge, please send an email to the Church Office, [email protected]   or complete the online pledge card found on our website:  //kentuu.org/membership/stewardship/       Thank you.


Stewardship Campaign Update: Good News and Other News

The good news is that many people responded to our annual stewardship campaign.  With thanks to all of the leaders and all of you who chose to make a pledge, we have nearly $220,000 in commitments for our next fiscal year.  We are very grateful for your ongoing support!

The other news is that the total pledge commitments for our next fiscal year are the same as our pledge commitments for the current fiscal year.  This means that our budget is flat.  Without additional pledges, we will be unable to implement the new ministry goals we set for next year.  Because of increased costs we cannot control, the same pledge income we received for this fiscal year will not go quite as far next fiscal year.  This means that we will need to make some modest cuts to our budget for next year.

The Finance Committee will be meeting to finalize the budget for the Board of Trustees this coming week.  If you haven’t yet made a pledge or would like to consider an increase to your pledge, please let the church office or one of our stewardship campaign leaders know before Thursday morning.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to support our beloved church.

Sandy Eaglen, Treasurer

Marion Yeagler, Kathie Slater and Meg Milko – Stewardship Committee

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