The Great March for Climate is staying overnight in Kent – October 7, 2014

theXGreatXClimateXMarchXlogoThe Great March for Climate is staying overnight in Kent on their cross-country march to Washington D.C.!  This is an opportunity for the UU Church of Kent and the Kent Environmental Council to help them on their way.

  1. They need homes for 50 – 60 people to sleep over for the night of October 7. If you live in the Kent area, please consider housing 2 to 4 marchers in your home.  They can be picked up at Fred Fuller park around 7 pm. Bedtime is early for them, around 8-9 pm, and they need to be back to Fred Fuller by 6:30 am.  They will have dinner at Fred Fuller park, so you don’t have to provide that.  It would be great if you could provide a breakfast next morning, but it’s not necessary.  Transportation will need to be provided for the marchers to and from your house.  We have a lot of marchers coming, so please consider helping.
  2. I would like to have a few drivers on call if necessary to transport marchers.

Read more about them here –

If you would like to house or transport 2-4 marchers, please contact to Brad Bolton and please include the following –

Your name
cell phone number
your address (in case we need to supply a driver)
Your email (it may be different than the one you are writing from)
Number of marchers you would like to house (zero if you are transporting only)
State if you are willing to transport marchers only, not house them
State if you are willing to house marchers but cannot transport them

I will not distribute your info to anyone except drivers and my assistant (I can’t be here the evening of Oct. 7).

I will be emailing you with more info as we get closer to Oct. 7.

If you want to walk with them locally, they will be hiking from Hudson on Ravenna Rd. and Hudson Rd. into Kent, and should arrive in Kent around 3 – 4 pm.

Thanks for helping – Brad Bolton

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