Time to Submit Budget Requests for Next Fiscal Year

program budgetTO:   All Committee Chairs, Program Directors, Staff Members, and others with budgetary authority.

FROM:  Gene Wenninger, chairperson, Finance Committee

SUBJECT:  Budget submissions for next Fiscal Year. Please submit to MaryBeth, Church Administrator by paper or email by January 10.

The Finance Committee is beginning work on developing the Church budget for Fiscal Year 2016, which begins on July 1 of 2015.  We need your input as we begin this process.  As you know, while our fiscal resources have grown over the past two years, our aspirations have also grown.  We do not anticipate a significant increase in resources this next year. Hence we still find ourselves having to carefully match our resources to our vision and needs.  Please base your budget requests upon this assumption. Based upon your experience or that of your predecessor we ask for your best estimates as follows:

  1. Dollars needed to meet the basic needs of your committee, program or office.
  1. Dollars needed to add extra value to the work of, or charge to, your committee, program or office, and provide a description or explanation.
  1. You might also list whether  #2 could/should be considered for possible separate fund-raising if the opportunity arises next year.

If a figure is not submitted, the Committee will work from this year’s budget and our expenditure records.  Thanks for your cooperation with this very important request.

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